How To Make Friends in Galway


Looking to make friends in Galway? Breaking in a new city can be difficult, trust us, we’ve been there. But you’re in luck, with Galway being as vibrant of a city as it is, there’s so many ways to get out and start making friends. We know that putting yourself out there can feel a little tricky, so we’re here to lend a hand.

Catch a Gig

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Galway is a city rich with culture, especially when it comes to Irish language, dance, and song traditions. Perhaps even better, pub life is alive and well in Galway, so why not combine the two? Taaffes and Tig Cóilí are two pubs located in the heart of the city that deliver the traditional Irish pub experience and feature live Irish music every night of the week. Both pubs pack in a mix of locals and globetrotters alike, making them both prime spots to mix and mingle.

Hit the Water

Positioned along the western coast of Ireland, Galway is the perfect city for outdoor pursuits, especially water-sports. Rusheen Bay Windsurfing offers lessons in windsurfing, kayaking, and SUP. Whether you’re looking to test the waters through a one time lesson, or progress your skills through regular classes, Rusheen Bay Windsurfing has you covered.

Become a Bookworm

Charlie Bryne’s Bookshop is a local treasure filled with new, second-hand (some third or even who-knows-how-many-hand), discounted, and out of print books. Charlie Bryne’s regularly hosts book launch events, book signings, and readings, and is also home to 3 monthly book clubs that are free and open to anyone to join. Pick up a book, learn a new story, maybe even pick-up a new skill, and start making new friends!

Find your Crew

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GirlCrew is all about finding YOUR crew and building friendships. The GirlCrew ladies of Galway keep their calendars full by tapping into their inner artists at Paintclub, catching a movie, and having a girl’s nights out.

We’re hardly impartial here, but we truly suggest starting your friend search with us! We know how to make new friends, and we make doing do easy! GirlCrew has over 100,000 members worldwide who are constantly organising events. Best of all, the GirlCrew app is now available in Galway and is free to download. What are you waiting for? Go out and immerse yourself in the lively culture of Galway!

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