Making Friends When You’re a Mum

Making Friends When You’re a Mum

“When it comes to looking after babies there is no better person to ask than a mum who has been there before herself.”


Making friends when you're a mum

Being a mum is tough, there are tears and tantrums, and then there’s the baby to contend with. Suddenly, you have this other person to look after, and prioritise, nights out clubbing dwindle and instead there walks to feed ducks, and night feeds. For those who are new to life as a mum it can be nice to find a support system outside of your usual social circles. Particularly, for those who may be the first of their friends group to become mums, this can be a very trying time that can be isolating.

You might feel like you don’t have much in common with your old friends anymore, and plans often have to be shelved. This can lead to some shifts in relationships which can be a struggle. If this resonates with you,  don’t be disheartened – your friends will continue to support and love you, they too are just adjusting to having a new person in their lives. This change also doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on fun, now is the time to find some friends who have also battled with a buggy.

Making friends when you’re a mum is vital, having women in your life you know what you are facing is invaluable, for you and for your new family. Simply talking to other women in a similar situation can calm your nerves, and alleviate fears, but much more than that knowing you’ve an amazing group of spirited women in your corner emboldens you to enjoy life and try new experiences.

By creating a space where mums can come together online to chat, share advice, support one another, and meet offline, our mums’ group is a great resource for anyone that is in this stage of their life. Members link in with each other to chat about everything under the sun, and the feed is always hopping with titbits of advice, or child-friendly events. From what to do when your baby has colic, to “the kids are driving me up the wall and I need to get out of the house”, we’re are always there to offer help.

Unlike other online networks, GirlCrew is about those offline experiences too, and with summer finally upon us now is the perfect time to meet other mums in the network for days at the beach, or picnics in the park. But it’s not all about the kids, it’s a resource for you – which means that you get supported by your fellow members, and sometimes just chatting with other adults can make for a nice change of pace.

My GirlCrew experience…

I am a first time mother of one beautiful little boy. As much as it is a joy to have a new baby it can also be a worrying time….am I doing things right? What does this cry mean? How do I get this baby to sleep? etc. etc. etc. I also don’t have many friends with little babies who I can ask for help so I have found GirlCrew Mums page an AMAZING support network. Plenty of times I have found just reading other mums posts really informative and comforting to know I’m not the only one with these questions or issues. I have also left posts myself and have been so lucky to have lots of other mums give me excellent feedback and advice. When it comes to looking after babies there is no better person to ask than a mammy who has been there before herself. Thanks GirlCrew for supporting each other!

Triona – GirlCrew Dublin Mums

For those who are new to crew, make sure you dive in. Yes, it may seem a little intimidating but remember that everyone there is human, and everyone is there for the same reason. Simply introducing yourself is the first step, and there’s no pressure to reveal anything that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. It’s important to feel secure, and we’ve cultivated a place to feel safe and supported. Our network is led by our members, so everyone chips in as much as they would like to. There’s no onus on you, it’s a simply a place to connect and have fun. With children, schedules become far more complicated and with GirlCrew you have the flexibility of interacting with others at a time that suits you.

Finding people with shared experiences is incredibly important, and if you are the first of your group to become pregnant becoming friends with other women who have been through the experience is vital. These are women who know first-hand what you are going through, and will gladly trade stories over a cup of tea. If you’ve a little bundle of joy, of any age, then make sure you join us. We all need the chance to make new friends and when your life seems like it revolves around someone else, these friendships become more important than ever.

With GirlCrew you have the chance to interact with an incredible bunch of women who are always thrilled to welcome newbies to the fold. If this sounds like it might tickle your fancy, find your crew here. Making friends when you’re a mum is easier with GirlCrew!

2 thoughts on “Making Friends When You’re a Mum”

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Im Timmy, 33 years old working mom. I have a little 19 months old son and i adore hin( of course). I know you feel the same for your little ones… i lost connection w my friends ( who dont have kids) over the last year, so i was hoping i can get some here…
    Although im working all day, and then rushing home for dinner and bath and bedtime…. every minute of my life seems like busy… i still feel lonely time to time…
    It would be nice to have a chat with other mommies w kids…, playdates… lunch out on weekends…shopping etc…
    If you feel the same….

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