How to Help Inner City Helping Homeless

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When it comes to helping others in your community people often think of the big things they can do. But sometimes the little things can have a big impact. We’re proud to be working with Inner City Helping Homeless to stand in support of those who need our help.

When we started running GirlCrew Pro we wanted it to be an accessible event. We chose speakers from all backgrounds, with varied career journeys. To make sure our attendees were looked after we provided refreshments, but there was always food left. Instead of wasting it and throwing the food away, one of our members suggested we donate it. So the team headed off to do just that.

It wasn’t hard to find people who would gladly accept it. Every night there are groups of volunteers out on our streets. Crowds of people surround them, asking for food and water. Whenever we drop off food to the volunteers, they are always so grateful and appreciative. This was the beginning of our relationship with Inner City Helping Homeless.

Inner City Homeless was founded in November 2013, as a result of the increased number of people sleeping on the street. On the first night, 40 volunteers showed up, willing to help in whatever way they could. By 2014 ICHH was operating a 7 night a week outreach service all across Dublin City. ICHH now have over 200 volunteers and their office on Amiens St is open 14 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The volunteers are absolutely amazing. They are out in Dublin city and the surrounding areas seven nights a week. The group bring supplies such as tea, coffee, soup, pot noodles, sandwiches, fruit, water, hats, scarves, gloves, clothes and sleeping bags. Volunteers offer so much more by showing empathy and compassion to people sleeping rough. A simple chat can mean so much. The volunteers also respond to reports of rough sleepers who are in need of help through their phone and social media platforms. In 2017, volunteers had over 37,000 interactions with people sleeping rough. One night in November 2017 alone, the teams assisted over 200 people.

According to a report by the Department of Housing, in March 2018, there were at least 10,000 people sleeping rough in Ireland. To help people and families who are in this situation, ICHH set up an advocacy service. Over 3,000 children are now homeless in Ireland and ICHH have stepped in on numerous occasions and accommodated families that were left with nowhere to go. The ICHH volunteers are crucial in this process as when they are on their nightly outreach run, they organise casework support for anyone that requires it. With homelessness rising to over 200% since 2015, the ICHH are crucial in supporting homeless people. So we wanted to do more.

This summer we’ve launched a new partnership with ICHH in which each month €1 from every €10 subscription to GirlCrew Premium will be donated straight to ICHH. This is just a small way to give back a little more where we can. But we’d urge you to get involved too. So, what can you do to help?


You can volunteer to go on a night run. Volunteers help the organisation grow and move forward to better help people in the future. Volunteers create a positive impact on people by just being kind and having a chat with someone. You can also volunteer as an outreach driver and help transport food and volunteers to different areas in Dublin.


Fundraisers are great for raising money and creating awareness. You can set up a coffee morning, no uniform day, pub quiz, literally anything. Whether you are a business, community group, school or a one person ready to help, get involved and take up the challenge!

GirlCrew is delighted to be partnering with Inner City Homeless. Our motto is “Be A Friend. Be An Ally. Be The Brave” – it’s something that we strive to live, and work by. When a new member signs up for GirlCrew Dublin Premium, €1 of their subscription gets donated to the charity. Sign up today as there’s a community of fantastic women just waiting for you to join in. Find out more info about Premium here.

While our partnership with ICHH has been running for some time now, we wanted to do more. With the seasons changing life on the streets becomes even tougher. If you can, we’d urge you to  donate to the fundraiser here – please help us reach even more people by sharing this article. #1PayDayAway

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