How to Decorate a Rented Room

Renting a room comes with challenges, but making it homely is vital. These decorating tips for rented rooms will have you snug in no time.

Even if you’re renting the space, adding your own personal touches can quickly transform your room into somewhere you want to spend time. After all, if you’re spending money on it then it should be livable. Of course, you should always check with your landlord before making any changes, but these decorating tips for rented rooms are all temporary fixes that can be easily changed if needs be.

1. Make Some Investments

Sorry tattered old duvet cover you’ve had since college, it’s time for you to be recycled. Invest in some new bedclothes to give your room a fresh new look and fit your new vision. It can also be worthwhile to pick up some artworks. Art doesn’t have to break the bank to be beautiful. Check out local markets and craft fairs to find pieces that nobody else will have.

2 .Personalise Your Space

Adding pictures and personal effects are next on the list. They are one of the best ways to make you feel truly settled and surrounded by familiarity and love. You might not be living at home any longer but there’s no reason you can’t bring a little piece with you. Be sure to mix it up with some things from various points throughout your life so it’s reminder of the journey you’ve come on.

3. Add Some Colour

It’s time to say goodbye to bare walls. While bare walls can make a space feel bright and airy, it can also make spaces feel cold and impersonal. Adding a splash of colour will immediately make the place feel more like yours. If you don’t fancy, or aren’t allowed to start painting try some contact paper, it’s an easy way to achieve results. Make sure you check your lease, and test a small patch somewhere hidden first as you don’t want any nasty surprises if you have to remove it. If this doesn’t sound like it would work, try hanging fabrics, or paper streamers to create a similar effect.

4. Add Some Greenery

Bringing some life into your room is vital. Not only do plants enhance your mood, and make spaces feel more vibrant. But if you choose the right ones, you can also have a natural scent (such as lavender which will also help you sleep) growing right by your bed. Plants have also been shown to reduce anxiety, improve memory and make you more productive. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose something that is sturdy and won’t wilt if you forget to water it over the weekend.

5. Add Some Warmth

There are few things more disheartening than a sad bedroom, and rug is probably the quickest way to fix this. Not only does it add some visual interest, and break up the space, but it’s also a great way to bring in some texture. You can also add warmth through cushions and blankets, we love these ones from Rees & Hunt. #friends

When it comes to decorating a rented room, keep three things in mind – affordable, durable, and temporary. If you think you’ll be moving again it might not be worthwhile splashing loads of cash on items. Instead think of a few key changes that will have a big impact. If you’ve killed it in your rental, we’d love to know if you’ve any hacks. What has been your most, or least, successful decorating tips for rented rooms? Let us know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Rented Room”

  1. Appreciate all these wonderful tips. I can’t agree more that you’ve got to make the space your own. I love # 5 above – warming up a space with a rug and texture is an excellent way to cozy up and gather the energy and make it yummy! Xo, Evelyn,

  2. Greenery changes everything I agree! They instantly turn a house to a home effortlessly and they are usually and depending where you live very wallet friendly! We rent our house and this was such an inspiring post to read!

  3. Oh my goodness! Love, love, love this post! I’ve always had an eye for decorating myself and you hit every single point on the head when it comes to decorating a space that isn’t our own! I tried to decide which “look” I liked best and I couldn’t because I like them all! Great post!

  4. Personalizing and making your room feel more cozy is something I always prioritize.. love the simple tips you have here and they truly make a difference especially if you’re renting…

  5. I think everyone has gone through a phase where they needed to decor a rented room without creating holes on walls. I love all the decor pieces and tips you shared! Really insightful!

  6. All the ideas n tips are very useful. I loved the colour splash changing the entire ambiance of the room.

  7. These are some great décor and organization tips! We don’t own yet and definitely feel the struggle.

  8. I totally agree with your initial point here about making an investment. You really have to put something into it to get something out of it, that’s just the reality. Great article here, thanks!

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