Holly Fawcett Answers Our Job Search Queries & Concerns: Part 2


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Now that you’ve decided what to highlight and what to dismiss, it’s time to start adding some bells and whistles to your account. Making sure that your profile is complete, but professional looking, is vital as LinkedIn is all about attracting the right attention from the right people – think quality over quantity. You want your profile to represent you and reflect your personality but this is not the place for cat pictures or photos of you on a night out, no matter how strong your eyeliner game is. One of the benefits of the site is that if someone googles your name your LinkedIn profile will appear in the top few results, so, it is important that you make a strong first impression. Use the summary box to showcase some of your passions and interests, but make sure the text is friendly and proofread, proofread, proofread! If spelling and grammar aren’t your strong suits have a friend look over it for you. There’s nothing worse than reading through a bio that is riddled with mistakes, not only does it make the piece hard to understand but it will also leave a bad impression with the person reading it. The last thing you want is to shoot yourself in the foot before you’ve had the chance to begin so we asked Holly that burning question.

How do you make your LinkedIn profile pop and stand out from all the others? 

Holly says: LinkedIn is your professional profile and the one that others go to to effectively prove that you are who you say you are. LinkedIn have made it a standardised webpage for everyone, but there are lots of ways to make it personal and stand out.

First I’d recommend completing your profile to the nth – have a great photo (of you only, up close, shoulders up, smile!), flesh out all of your experience and education including societies you joined in college and hobbies and interests. Your headline is a key differentiator: this is a customisable strap-line that appears everywhere your photo and name do, of 120 characters. Make it a bit more interesting than just your job title and employer.

Finally, you can add multimedia like presentations from conferences you’ve attended, whitepapers you’ve written, videos you’ve appeared in or produced. Add these to your profile to give an insight to your work, your style and your ability.

Last year, LinkedIn opened up its long-form blogging platform to everyone. If you write articles or blogs, this is the ultimate platform to host your posts on. LinkedIn will actively promote your posts across your network and the wider LinkedIn community. It’s one of the best ways to showcase your influencer status and put yourself out there.

Find Holly on LinkedIn and Twitter and stay tuned for the rest of the series here over the coming weeks. 

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