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I love hiking. Not only is it a great workout, but it’s also a great weekend activity to spend with friends. Sure, you may be sweating to death by the end of the hike, but the sights you see and the memories you’ll gain make up for the sore muscles and fatigue. If you are a hiker like me, then the Bay Area is the place for you. There are countless hikes and trails that are sure to keep you busy. So download our app, find your hiking crew, and check out our choices of the best hiking in San Francisco!

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Berry Creek Falls Trail

This hike may be on the more difficult side, but it is certainly worth it. Walk along Berry Creek Falls, located near Boulder Creek, California, and take in the picturesque waterfalls and stunning redwood groves. Berry Creek Falls is often referred to as a Bay Area favorite; the hike runs for about 10 miles and takes an average of six hours to complete. Make sure to pack a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this truly remarkable hike!

Lands End Trail

The Lands End Trail has been named one of the best locations for hiking in San Francisco for decades. With a trail length of only two miles, you would think that the hike would go by rather quickly. However, that is not the case at all. Around every turn is a piece of San Francisco history. From the memorial site of the famous WWII ship the USS San Francisco to the Sutro Historic District that has a swimming pool from 1894 that can fit close to 10,000 people, you are sure to find a unique location that surely takes your breath away.

Fort Funston to the Cliff House Trail

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The Fort Funston to the Cliff House Trail runs for about 5 miles and is sure to make your day. Why? Well, if you’re a fan of furry friends, you’ll notice hundreds of dogs hiking alongside you—they’re allowed to get their steps in too! This trail is famous for not only is comfortability with dogs, but also for its history. Fort Funston was originally used as a military fort back in the early 1900s. Today, hikers are able to take in its beauty right along the coastal side of San Francisco. The trail isn’t just pretty sights, however. Be sure to get a leg day in before as you hike up a few 200-ft cliffs!

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

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Did you know that there’s been a volcano casually resting in the back of the bay area people’s yards for years? I sure didn’t. Luckily, the last time lava flowed from the bay area was 10 million years ago. Still, on the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve hike, you are able to witness first-hand the cross-sections of the volcano out in the open. Additionally, you’ll pass through two labyrinths that will leave you perplexed for hours. So grab a group of friends as you enjoy a self-guided tour of the Sibley Volcano!

Mt. Diablo

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There’s a good chance you’ve seen Mt. Diablo while walking through the San Francisco Bay Area and never even realized it. Well, now’s your chance to hike it. The hike to the 3,557 ft. peak of Mt. Diablo runs for about 7-10 miles pending on the route you take, so it is certainly a full-day excursion—but it is totally worth it. This hike will give you the best views the Bay Area has to offer. Mt. Diablo has earned its trophy as the highest peak in the bay area, so be sure to pack endless water as you take on one of the best mountains for hiking in San Francisco.

Looking for a group of gal pals to go hiking with? GirlCrew members have already tackled a few of them, so find your next hiking squad by downloading our app. Have any more hiking recommendations? Be sure to post them below.

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