The Goals Programme

We’re not here to tell you our methods will make achieving a goal easy, or magic, we’re here to help you do something that’s hard, and be there for you when it is the most hard.

The Goals Programme will help you work towards something important to you. Maybe until now a goal or change has proved a little too difficult to accomplish alone, or you just don’t know what’s holding you back. We can help!


1. Monthly Worksheets: Filled with questions, exercises, planning methods and tools to help uncover the goals that are most meaningful to you, unleash your strengths and skills, and keep focus. .

2. Monthly Secret Tip: Tools, resources, knowledge or practices that GirlCrew team members have found invaluable in our own journeys. A super varied collection because different things work for different people.

3. Community: Access to a Goals Programme group (on Facebook, Whatsapp or both) to connect with the many other warriors all over the world taking this journey with you. For accountability, insight sharing, and collaborative problem solving when things get tough or seem impossible!

4. Experts: We are also planning to have a couple of Live Video sessions via Facebook to check in with each other, or hear advice from some of our absolute favourite experts.

Big changes are hard, because they usually require lots of small, consistent changes, new awareness, new knowledge, new contacts, maybe even new environments or tools and definitely some surprises and curveballs! We sometimes expect friends, family and partners to be all the support and accountability we need. In reality, those who care about us don’t always have the time or the headspace to be every type of support. No one can be everything to everyone – we’re here to help fill that gap.


The global CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner invested in GirlCrew before we even had an app. We were flown to the US by Facebook to meet Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg because of how incredible the GirlCrew community was. We built a tech company without being able to code. We spent only $60 in our first year of business. We’ve been featured on CNN, Vice, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Refinery29 and more. Most importantly, we’ve built an app we believe in and have watched it benefit the lives of countless women.

We know what helped us get here, now we’ve finally found a moment to sit down, and share it with you!

The Programme is 12 months long, and you can begin at any time.

Sign up for €4.99 p/m

Billed monthly on a recurring, rolling subscription. Cancel at any time. Includes access to resources and the community for the duration of subscription.

Or pay €44.99 Once

Billed once and non-recurring. Access to the resources and community for life.