Global success story GirlCrew featured by Facebook as part of 12th birthday celebrations

Global success story GirlCrew has been honoured by Facebook as part of the social network’s 12th birthday celebrations.

GirlCrew Co Founders at Facebook headquarters, Palo Alto

GirlCrew Co Founders at Facebook headquarters, Palo Alto

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As part of the celebrations, the social network contacted groups and individuals around the world it wished to highlight.

GirlCrew, which is an online and offline community for women to make new friends, grow their social circle and expand their professional network, was selected by Facebook to be featured.

Facebook flew GirlCrew co-founders Elva Carri, Aine Mulloy and Pamela Newenham to its headquarters in Palo Alto, California for a private event on February 1st, where they met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

GirlCrew was born out of Irish woman Elva Carri’s frustration at having no one to go out dancing with one evening. Texting friends, everyone was either staying home with boyfriends or tired.

“I just wanted to go out dancing, and finding that my friends were either busy or tired, I took to Tinder to find some new pals. I changed my gender to male in the settings so I’d show up to heaps of girls near me, and while I thought I might find 2-3 girls who were interested, I had a hundred matches by the next day,” Ms Carri said.

GirlCrew has more than 22,000 members across 44 cities worldwide including San Francisco, Melbourne, Chicago, Aberdeen, Dublin, London and Toronto. Events take place in GirlCrew groups worldwide, across Ireland, the US, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These include brunches, nights out, cinema trips, book clubs, shopping parties and surfing weekends.

“The greatest benefit of GirlCrew is that you could put up any gig, movie or travel idea and you’re probably going to find at least a few girls who are as excited to do it as you are. And that’s a really nice way to end up making friends. But others have also found the group amazing for support, settling into a new city, finding jobs or getting career advice and getting recommendations on restaurants, hairdressers etc,” Ms Carri said.

“The best thing about GirlCrew is the spontaneity, the fun and having such a great pool of women who you can ask for advice or invite along to almost anything. I’ve tried out things I never might have even known existed – like Trampoline Dodgeball,” she added.

GirlCrew Trips & Travel group has also evolved, consisting of members from throughout the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Germany, who have holidayed together. Members, some who never met before, have all been on holidays to Morocco, Ibiza, the Czech Republic and Spain together, among other countries.

The GirlCrew co-founders also run professional networking events called GirlCrew Pro to help women in their careers. Microsoft Ireland HR director Clodagh Logue, Irish Internet Association chief executive Joan Mulvihill, Google EMEA head of sales Fionnuala Meehan, and Diageo head of corporate communications Hazel Chu are among the people who have spoken at various GirlCrew Pro events.

GirlCrew members experiences:

“GirlCrew makes me feel like I’m in a worldwide sorority where we cheer one another on….I’ve had the time of my life meeting so many awesome women.” – Pete Sweet, GirlCrew Seattle

“They say that there are some people who make you laugh a little bit louder, smile a little bit bigger and live life a little bit better, and that is why I am in GirlCrew Liverpool.” – Shereen Shaw, GirlCrew Liverpool

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