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What some of you may not know is that GirlCrew actually started on Tinder. Legend has it that Elva was bored one night and wanted to go out, unfortunately, her friends were unavailable so as many of us do, she turned to the internet to solve the problem. While it might seem an unlikely platform to pick, Tinder turned out to be an inspired move. However, the rules of the platform were turned upside down and rather than swiping through profiles of potential partners it was used to find friends. This little plan quickly snowballed into what we all know, and love, as GirlCrew. As with anything new, you never know if it’ll work but the growth of the crew is proof that it does and it’s still a bit mind-boggling to us that so many people are in the same boat. So, thanks to all of you who have come on this crazy journey with us so far. While lots of members have now come to the crew through various routes it’s lovely to see that our Tinder origins worked like a charm for so many of you.

As someone who moved to a new country in their mid-late twenties, I’ve found it nearly as hard to meet girl friends as I have to meet men. All I can say is thank you Tinder, and thank you GirlCrew! When I first moved from New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia, in 2014, I ended up living in a hostel with a heap of backpackers for ten months. It was perfect as there were 27 of us in the same boat; learning the city, finding jobs and meeting new people. We all became really close, did everything together, and ended up moving out into flats together.

So naturally, when their Working Holiday Visas ended and they all had to leave, I ended up back at square one. I had no idea how to meet single girls my age. Most girls I did meet already had partners or children. I was living with three guys and working with 52 guys as the only female employee (I kid you not) and I felt like a total creep at the gym trying to size up who might want to be my friend outside of a sweaty kickboxing class. I ended up on Tinder to try and meet some guys who would keep me from the clutches of loneliness and boredom, but instead of bare torsos and bad car selfies, I came across a different kind of profile. Single girls looking for friends to go dancing with. SIGN ME UP.

I joined GirlCrew Melbourne in January 2016, and decided to dive straight in and attend the first event I saw, which happened to be Trivia at the Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy. I was so nervous getting ready that it was like getting ready for a first date. Walking in to this absolutely packed pub, looking for a table of only girls, sidling up to them and sheepishly asking if they were GirlCrew was mildly terrifying but turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Now, six months later, we still have a standing reservation at Trivia at the Birmingham every Thursday. Last week there were 15 of us, including three newbies. We are notoriously the host’s favourites, which was evident when we got him to put on S Club 7 so we could dance around the table like nutters. He did, no questions asked, and danced with us. Our name is “We thought this was Speed Dating” and we are killin’ it. My weeks now revolve around GirlCrew events (which mostly revolve around food, because it’s Melbourne). I love the idea that any event we go to might result in a couple of new friends. The group of girls I’ve made friends with over the last 6 months with are some of the most genuine, kind, funny people I’ve ever come across and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.

Sam Moodie, GirlCrew Melbourne

Swiping for friendship on Tinder might seem like an odd choice, but trust us that’s where the similarities end. GirlCrew is all about the crew, the group, the gang. We’re not about judgment or selecting profiles based on arbitrary preferences we want women to access a community and harness the power of that. From members renting out entire glamping (aka glamorous camping) sites to women banding together to help each other perfect their CV, we prefer to do things as a collective. Given all the problems that women face on a daily basis, we feel it’s important for us to come together and support one another. It’s no surprise that they say there is strength in numbers, and GirlCrew is a celebration of that. Tinder might have a bit of a reputation but we all know when you come across that extra special profile you always swipe right.

And before you ask, nope, despite our Tinder origins we’re not just for single women, where’s the fun in that 😉  Want in? Of course, you do – find your local crew here.


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