GirlCrew Talked to Online Doctor Service ‘DrEd’ – And Got You Girls A Special Discount

GirlCrew is offering a discount to all of our members on DrEd, Ireland’s online doctor services. GirlCrewers can get 25% off their online consultations using code ‘GIRLCREW’ until 19 Oct 2015, making them only €15. GirlCrew talked to DrEd to find out more.

What is DrEd?

DrEd is an online doctor. You might be thinking, “what is an online doctor?” An online doctor is a qualified doctor, just like your traditional GP, but they assess your medical needs remotely rather than in person. This means you can access safe, responsible healthcare when and where it suits you, without being subject to a long wait for an appointment or having to take time off work.

DrEd provides remote online consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions for a range of common things you might previously have paid to see your GP for. These include repeat prescriptions for your contraceptive pill or asthma inhaler, or a prescription for an uncomfortable case of cystitis.

How much does it cost?

DrEd online doctor consultations cost €20 – that means you can save up to two thirds on what you would spend going to see your doctor in person.

Rather than wasting time and resources on receptionists, waiting rooms and gaps between appointments we ask you to complete an online medical questionnaire so our doctors can make a clinical assessment quickly and efficiently. We pass these savings back to you!

This means you can get safe, legal medical care from a registered doctor for a fraction of the cost, all at the click of a button – that’s what we call twenty-first century medicine!

How does the service work?

Go to our website,, and select the treatment you need, whether that be a repeat prescription for your contraceptive pill or asthma inhaler.

Simply fill in our straightforward online medical questionnaire, when and where it suits you.

One of our doctors will review your assessment and, if appropriate, issue you a prescription.

You can choose for this to be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy if you need the medication urgently. All you need to do is pop into the pharmacy, pay for your medication, and decide what to do with the time and money you’ve saved!

We can also send you your paper prescription in the post if you prefer. These are accepted at all Irish pharmacies.

What treatment can I get from DrEd?

DrEd offers a range of treatments that are safe for us to provide remotely. Our women’s health services include prescriptions for cystitis treatment, acne treatment, and repeat prescriptions for the contraceptive pill. We also offer prescriptions for certain chronic conditions, such as renewing your asthma inhaler.

You can also use DrEd for purchasing home test kits for STIs, including those for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV. Prescriptions for chlamydia and gonorrhoea treatment are available.

For a full range of our services you can also visit

How did DrEd get started?

DrEd was founded in 2011 by Amit and David. Amit had previously worked in the NHS, where he became passionate about finding ways to provide patients with faster, more affordable care options. David brought his financial naunce and international perspective to the team, being from France and Germany and working in the UK. When they launched, it was into two countries, the UK and Germany. Now DrEd can be found in Switzerland, Austria, and, of course, Ireland too.

They’re thrilled that DrEd has treated over 400,000 patients to date, but not the kind to rest on their laurels, are always looking for ways to make sure DrEd is bringing patients the care that best suits their needs.
Go to DrEd’s website to claim your discount using code ‘GIRLCREW’. For full discount terms and conditions please see

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