GirlCrew Reporting, Warning & Removals Policy

Reporting, Warnings & Removals Policy

1. How do I report something/someone or flag it? Use the Feedback Form to explain the complaint and screenshot anything where you’ve seen this occur. One screenshot can be attached with your Feedback Form submission but further information or screenshots may be requested in a follow up email. Tagging/Private Messaging admins is not counted as an official report and cannot necessarily be taken into consideration. If you feel a thread is in general getting ‘out of hand’ or the post itself breaches a guidelines you can also use Facebook’s report functionality to draw our attention to it. Each post has a small, grey arrow in the top right corner, tap this to report it to us or to Facebook. This will bring it to our attention but is also not counted as an official report.

2. Privacy & Confidentiality surrounding reporting.
If you report something, your name will not be provided to the reported individual whenever possible to avoid. We aim to keep reports as confidential as possible and limit the number of people aware of this to an absolute minimum to protect the reporter and the reported. The Feedback Form allows you to submit a report anonymously but please take into account that this means we will not be able to follow up with you. We take into account that this feature could also potentially be abused by enabling someone to make multiple reports as if from different people. As such, a number of anonymous reports may not count as multiples but as one. However we do everything we can to accurately assess and investigate any situation causing people distress and understand that things of a personal or private nature may be dealt with more sensitively as a result.

3. How long does it take for a report to be assessed?
Up to 14 days. In most cases reports are triaged for level of urgency so reports are not dealt with in order of timeframe made.

4. Will I get a response when I report something?
In some but not all cases. No reply does not indicate the report has not been dealt with. In most cases the incident will have been flagged and noted for the member in question. If you have made the report anonymously, we have no way to contact you so please keep this in mind if selecting that option.

5. What happens if I’m reported?
The GirlCrew team assess the seriousness of the incident and proceed with one of the following.
A ‘Warning 1’ is given within the group or privately. This indicates there has been a level of disrespect or disrespectful tone and breaches our guideline of respect regardless of someone else’s opinions or behaviour. It may also imply a breach of one of our other guidelines such as self promotional posts or private messaging a number of GirlCrew members for the purpose of selling a product/service/recruitment. 3-5 ‘Warning 1s’ can result in removal from the group dependent on the seriousness of the breaches. These are be recorded as Warning 1, Warning 2, Warning 3 etc. Warnings 2-5 may or may or may not be communicated to the member in question. Removal from our groups after 1 or more warnings may or may not be communicated to the member being removed.
Instant removal, for what GirlCrew considers serious breaches of the guideline of respect or any other guideline. Instant removal only occurs if there are multiple reports of the same individual or incident or if there is a single report that we can verify or consider too serious to let slide. This is left to the discretion of the GirlCrew team but only occurs when Pamela, Aine and Elva are all in agreement that the report is serious enough to warrant a removal.

6. Will I be removed from all the groups or just the one the incident took place within?
This is dependent on the seriousness of the breach or breaches and whether the reported behaviour could have future negative impacts on one group or many. This is assessed on a case by case basis.

7. Can I appeal the decision or re-apply to join later?
– You can provide your side of the story via the feedback form if this hasn’t already been taken into account prior to removal. GirlCrew will respond where we feel this is necessary or if something you’ve detailed has been overlooked in the Warning process or removal.
– You can appeal and request to re join, using the Feedback Form 6 months after removal. Re addition to the group will be considered on an individual basis and is not guaranteed.

8. Are warnings ever removed from your record?
In some cases yes. This can happen when there is seen to be a consistently positive level of activity within the group or at events that the GirlCrew team feel outweighs the Warning you received or indicates that the reported incident was out of character and seen to more than likely be a once off.

9. Can I report an admin?
Yes. Admins do a lot of work posting events for people, hosting events, helping us in the background, pointing people to groups and sub groups, promoting GirlCrew and putting a lot of time and effort, voluntarily to help the GirlCrew community remain a fun and great space for everyone involved. They also assist us with many things in the background. However, you can still report admins, as well as myself and Pamela and Aine via the Feedback Form. These reports and your name is never disclosed to the admin in question, however the complaint submitted will be accessible by Elva, Aine and Pamela so the exception is for us. It may also be accessible to a paid GirlCrew employee hired for customer service and support reasons who will be required to agree to confidentiality on these issues as part of their contract. As a result, you can submit a complaint anonymously, but this does mean we won’t be able to follow up with you or request further details. None the less, we take every single one into consideration and our aim is to protect the GirlCrew space as a whole, with no allegiance to any particular member or admin.

You can find the GirlCrew Guidelines here.