Welcome to GirlCrew Premium, Dublin

shutterstock_146692451We’re excited to announce our first trial of GirlCrew Premium, and you’re invited.

While GirlCrew will always be free to use, there are improvements we know we can make if we just had the time. Our new, optional, subscription version of GirlCrew allows us the time to do more for you, so that we can improve on an already great experience.

Our GirlCrew Premium trial will launch in Dublin in January 2017 and run for three months. The trial is €10 per month. If you enjoy it, we’ll certainly hope to continue it and launch it in other cities too.

To sign up now, simply enter your email address and hit ‘I’m in’. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your Welcome email on weekdays, and first thing on a Monday if you’ve signed up over a weekend.

The GirlCrew Premium trial has now closed. Click here if you’d like to be notified when GirlCrew Premium is open to new members.


What do I gain from signing up for GirlCrew Premium?

★ 4 Hosted Events Per Month

One admin organised event per week. We’ll organise a time and a place and ensure one of us is there to greet you, so you’re sure to never be left alone. It also means you never have to even think about doing the planning.

★ Calendar Invites & Emails

Keep missing event invites in your group? Or not able to see all of them under the events tab? Not a problem. With GirlCrew Premium, you’ll receive a weekly email about upcoming premium events, along with a Google calendar invite – making it easier to keep track of what’s coming up and what you’re planning to go to. You’ll also be provided with a phone number for the admin organising the event so you can stay in touch easily on the go.

★ Private Group

You’ll be added to our Premium Dublin group. Your weekly events will be listed here as well as being emailed to you. But just like our other groups, you can also suggest or create your own events here at any time.

★ Treats

We’ve teamed up with some local businesses to secure you some sweet discounts for the year – yes, for the whole of 2017! And we’re sure we’ll have a few little treats along the way too.


Requirements, Terms & Conditions

GirlCrew Premium is only available to women aged 25+ so you may be asked to verify your age after sign up.

Standard GirlCrew Guidelines apply within premium groups and events.

Your subscription does not include coffees, drinks, or tickets to events. This fee covers admin time in organising, booking, hosting and more.

3 Month trial subscription is inclusive of VAT and is non refundable.