GirlCrew Guidelines

1. There are a lot of girls so there are really varied interests and opinions on activities and other stuff that comes up in conversation so our main guideline is that we all respect each other, and respect our differences, whether we agree or not. This applies to language, tone and behaviour within the group space and at events. Please see point 3 for information on reporting.

2. More info on how GirlCrew works can be found here.

3. Our policy on reporting, warnings and removals can be found here.

4. The feedback form to make a report is here. Keep in mind that while you can report something anonymously, this has various implications including the inability to respond to your message or update you on its status.

5. GirlCrew started out as all singles so often, dating/relationship chats come up. However, we have a separate group for this to keep the city pages more general and event focussed. Links to this and other topic groups can be found here.

6. If you’re not seeing any get-togethers or activities that you are interested in, or taking place at times that suit you, please post your own ideas and ask a local admin to help set up an event page for it. GirlCrew is a community where all members are free to organise events provided they adhere to our guidelines.

7. If you’re on a computer and want to see upcoming events just click the events tab at the top of the group page. If you’re on a mobile click on the ‘i’ symbol and then ‘events’. You can also use the ‘search group’ feature at the top of the page, or search icon on mobile to find posts/comments relevant to specific topics.

8. The Facebook group setting is ‘closed’ so while stuff may appear in your own news feed, it’s not visible to anyone except members of the group. Events are also only visible to group members.

9. Screenshots are not allowed to be taken of group conversations and shared elsewhere and we reserve the right to remove members for breach of this. However, this is not something we can prevent or guarantee so please be cautious with sensitive or personal information.

10. No Not-Suitable-For-Work (NSFW) pictures/screenshots. No screenshots or other sharing of private personal private information related to anyone other than yourself.

11. Posting to promote your business or anything you stand to gain from financially either directly or indirectly is prohibited. This includes free offers, discounts, taster sessions. This also includes charity fundraising that hasn’t received approval from It also includes private messaging group members for the purpose of sales/promotion/recruitment.
However, we are interested in what you’re doing and do want to support you, so you can:
A: Email if you wish to be considered for our weekly Meet the GirlCrewer features on the blog or wish to inquire about advertising rates.
B. Join GirlCrew Entrepreneurs for support and ideas from other running their own business, or GirlCrew Careers for support and ideas from others working in similar industries.

12. Medical queries and some other professional areas, such as legal advice queries are prohibited. While we understand that anecdotal input can be a great support, we recommend you speak to your GP or relevant qualified professional. GirlCrew accepts no responsibility for advice given by lay people or professionals in their field whether that be medical or legal, including advice arising from interactions within or stemming from GirlCrew. The exception to this rule is you are entitled to post asking for advice or recommendations on a good GP/professional to go to.

13. GirlCrew reserves the right to use photos taken at GirlCrew events by us or other members on our public social media channels, website and in press activities. If you don’t want an image containing you to be used, please step out of the photo or ask the photographer not to share the photo within our group pages/event pages or tag us on twitter/instagram. We attempt to credit photos by users whenever we can. If a photo of you has been taken and used without your knowledge and you want to request it be removed from anywhere public, please email

These guidelines are subject to change and use of GirlCrew will be taken as confirmation of your acceptance of these group guidelines.

Last updated 29/03/2017.