GirlCrew Event Inspo: KC Peaches

Kc Peaches 2In a recent survey, 50% of GirlCrewers said that they had met at least one of their friends through GirlCrew. This is Fantastic news. GirlCrew was founded with the intention of getting us all out from behind our screen so we can meet people in real life. One Rainy day in January 2015, I was sitting in the hairdressers feeling very sorry for myself after another of my good friends had gotten a job abroad when the hairdresser suggested I join GirlCrew and join I did. A few hours later I had a coffee date arranged with GirlCrew Founder Elva Carri and Community Manager Ellie Hendrick in KC Peaches on Dame Street. KC Peaches quickly became a regular haunt for GirlCrew Dublin and a place I’ve spent an enormous amount of time chatting to other GirlCrewers and forming friendships that I can’t imagine life without. As such, I have a lot of love for KC Peaches.

Here are 5 reasons why KC Peaches makes the perfect spot for a GirlCrew event.

1. Central Location

One of the essential elements of making your GirlCrew event successful is a central location that is easy for everyone to get too. With KC Peaches located on Dame Street, Pearse Street, Nassau Street, and on Stephen’s Green, they’re always a handy option. And all in close proxmity to bus stops, Luas stops and parking.

2. Alcohol-Free (or not)

While GirlCrew nights out on the town are legendary affairs, but for some of us, the idea of meeting a group of people we don’t know (yet) in a nightclub can feel overwhelming. For this reason, it can be more fun to meet a group of girls for a coffee in a quieter space. What I like about KC Peaces is you can drop in for a coffee in the afternoon and having met your new BFF to be, you can decide to stay for dinner and a glass of vino. Feeling more secure and like you now know people you can even head on to meet another group of GirlCrewers in the nightclub that didn’t feel like it was for you hours earlier.

3. Private Room

KC Peaches on Dame Street has a small private room on their mezzanine level. This is wonderful when a big group of us decide to meet for a coffee and want a bit of privacy to get to know each other. This also means that we are not taking over the whole cafe and being a pain for other customers. Newbies also get specific destination as to where we will be. Taking away the need to feel nervous about finding the group on arrival

4. Whole Foods and Dietary Requirement Friendly

KC Peaches was founded with the idea of bringing the simple joy of nutritious foods to the people of Dublin. It’s a great place to stop for quick and nutritious food. Which is a definite plus for anyone concerned with the health benefits of what they are eating. With any large group, you are guaranteed that you will have people with different dietary requirements. KC Peaches is great as they have vegetarian and gluten free options and they will happily tell you exactly what is in each dish. They also use different chopping boards according to your allergies or requirements.

5. The Staff

Over the last three years, I have seen the team in KC Peaches go above and beyond for GirlCrew members. Making off menu meals for them, running to the shop when they had run out of non-dairy milk. Never once rolling their eyes when someone asks the ingredients in different dishes. They’ve rearranged the furniture so that everyone can sit together, with a smile. Their lovely attitude is a huge plus, especially in a busy city centre cafe.

If you’re based in Dublin why not set up an event in KC Peaches?  Find other ladies who want to meet for coffees and food? I did it one wet January afternoon, and it changed my life in ways I can’t even say. Don’t Forget that Girl Crew Premium Members can avail of a special discount. Check out the Premium Discounts page for details. If you’re not based in Dublin, we’d love to hear about a similar spot in your city. Tell us who that has gone above and beyond for GirlCrew Members.

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