GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl

GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl - Proper Order Coffee


So, first off I should make a confession – I don’t like coffee. Not in cups, not in cakes, not even in liqueurs. I can’t stand it. That said I do know that there are a tonne of lovely independent coffee shops springing up around Dublin, and luckily with GirlCrew you’ll always find someone who is on for any event you can think of.  The ever-smiley Ilaina Khairulzaman came up with the idea of doing a coffee crawl, and recently a bunch of our ladies did just that with the first of our aptly named “Perk Me Up Saturdays”. Following the trail of the Dublin City Speciality Coffee Map, and throwing in some extras for good measure, our plucky girls are hitting the streets one cup of coffee at a time.

Love Supreme – 57 Manor Street, Dublin 7

This gorgeous cafe sits on the rather higgledy-piggledy Manor Street and is quickly building a loyal following. The spot has a minimal but relaxing interior, think bare wood, rustic charm, and it pretty much doubles as craft shop with a gorgeous array of products on sale. A partnership with Roasted Brown means the coffee is roasted in small batches for extra flavour but they also have a delicious food menu to boot – the pork, celery, and fennel sausage rolls are to die for. Our members were very impressed with this little spot, and felt the sale of Repeal the 8th badges was an added bonus.

GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl - Love Supreme

Proper Order – 7 Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Next stop was Proper Order, and everyone was immediately taken with the friendly atmosphere. As it was a Saturday there was a nice buzz in the place but the staff were incredibly welcoming and chatty. A delicious range of treats is available, including Gruel Guerrilla donuts, and our members raved about the coffee. The smart branding also wasn’t overlooked, particularly on the take-away cups, which everyone loved.  As there is only so much caffeine one person should ingest in a day the tasting menu wasn’t attempted, but there’s already rumblings of a group going back just to try it out.


GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl - Proper Order Coffee


Vice Coffee – 54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1

There has to be an under-dog in every race, and this time around it was Vice coffee.  However, they certainly pulled it out of the bag as everyone agreed that it was definitely the surprise of the day and far exceeded expectations. Situated in what is now Wigwam, formerly The Twisted Pepper, Vice describe themselves as a “multi roaster coffee bar”.  With an ever-changing menu, they focus on quality and seasonality, and if you’re feeling peckish they do a mean toasted sandwich. Given the location you don’t feel too bad taking your time to enjoy what’s in front of you, making it a very relaxed experience. Being part of Wigwam means that you can also peruse an extensive food menu, we’d recommend the burger with cassava chips.


GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl - Vice Coffee

Camerino – 158 Capel Street, Dublin 1

Unlike the others, Camerino sells itself as a bakery first, and have won more awards than you can shake a stick at. Again, the coffee is supplied by Roasted Brown so you know it’s top notch but it’s definitely a come for the coffee, linger over the menu type of spot. We’d suggest the brisket roll, or the soup combo for under ten quid, but you could also perk up the office by bringing everyone back a Raspberry Almond square if you’re feeling generous. With classes, and a selection of custom cakes available to order this spot covers your baked goods needs. We also know that the lovely lady is a member of GirlCrew, so she obviously has impeccable taste 😉

GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl - Camerino

The verdict:

With four shops done, everyone decided to toddle off home and mull over the ups, and downs, of the day. When the dust settled the group had come to a unanimous decision  – congratulations to Proper Order Coffee, who are our winner of the day! The next crawl is set for July 16th and if you feel like joining Ilaina and the gang check the GirlCrew Dublin events tab for further details.

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