GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl – Week 4

GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl Week 4

First of all, we have to pause to congratulate Ilaina, who has turned the Dublin coffee crawl into one of our hottest events. If you don’t believe us, shame on you, but the proof is in the pudding as on the last outing a mammoth 23 members trotted around Dublin to see what the city had to offer by way of coffee. Since she’s doing such stellar work, we think it’s only fair that she gives you the heads up on the spots in her own words.

Industry Café – 41 Drury St, Dublin 2

What really attracted me to this place was the huge INDUSTRY sign. Like, no guesses where we’re going eh? Industry is a homeware shop with a café inside (I am LOVING these shop/café hybrids). Besides having absolutely delicious coffee (Roasted Brown, one of my favourites), and being my personal favourite cup of the day, they had the most delicious looking treats. From cookies to brownies to granola pots, it was like heaven. Also, super high-tech card machine, I felt like I was in the future hahaha! If anyone’s looking to jazz up their home, they should totally visit too because the stuff their selling in there is A+.

Industry Cafe

Clement & Pekoe – 50 South William St, Dublin 2

One of my favourite cafes in Dublin! The inside is fab, good first date place. Their outdoor seating area is pretty awesome to people watch too. We had our first ever coffee casualty here 😔 So minus points for bad coffee cup lids…or else just clumsy girls haha! I had the usual flat white, and that was lovely but the star of the day had to be their mochas! Coffees with a chocolate stick that melted into the coffee as you stirred into it. It wasn’t just a pretty sight; it was absolutely delicious according to the girls who ordered it. We dare say they make the best nocha in Dublin!

Clement & Pekoe

Coffee Angel – 27 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2

The Coffee Angel story is a great one – from the ruins of a failed business came a little coffee truck that turned into several cafes in Dublin. I love it. As you walk down South Anne Street, you’ll see the distinctive white and orange sign. They were pretty empty, which was good, because there was still a good 20 of us. Personally, I felt my coffee was a little bit burnt, flat whites never burn my tongue and this one did so it was a bit of a damper because I usually love Coffee Angel. Had an almond croissant from here and that was lovely though!

Coffee Angel

Science Gallery – Pearse St, Dublin 2

Another personal favourite, and where I go to for my daily second cup of coffee. GirlCrew took over Science Gallery! Literally, we took over the long table in the middle of the café! We decided to have a late lunch here, I had the Eggs Benedict with a bit of twist – the hollandaise was bright pink! Other girls ordered pizza, some ordered the sausage sandwich, and we all ended the day with great food, great coffee and great company. There was a super interesting exhibition on in the Science Gallery too, called “Seeing”. Super interactive and informative – deffo check it out while you still can!

Science Gallery Cafe

The Verdict…

With such gushing enthusiasm for each spot it was incredibly hard to pick one winner, in terms of the coffee we think Industry took the top spot but in all honestly, all of these places are fantastic. It’s great to see that Dublin has such a thriving community of small businesses and independent coffee shops, something which shouldn’t be forgotten as space gets gobbled up in the city centre. True, some might be a little further away but those few extra steps make baked goodies taste even better. If you fancy joining the coffee crawl gang the next outing will be August 27th so check the events tab for further details.


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