GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl Week 2

Two Fifty

Perk Me Up Saturdays are going down a storm, and with four of Dublin’s best coffee shops done the crew were itching to get out again and continue their quest to find the best coffee experience in this fair city. However, these events are not for the fainthearted so Iliana has made a nifty list of tips to those who are braving their first crawl.

Perk me Up Saturday Survival Guide

  1. Eat a carb-heavy breakfast. I didn’t eat anything before we started and literally had the shakes by the second shop
  2. Bring a bottle of water. Coffee can be dehydrating, and it can be a bit much after two cups. Stay hydrated!
  3. Mentally tell yourself that 4 cups of coffee isa lot. It really is. Like, it reaaaaaally is a lot of caffeine.
  4. Wear comfy shoes! We did a fair bit of walking on the first one, and I think it’ll be the same for the [rest]. Plus, a lot of the coffee shops were tiny and didn’t have much seating so expect to be standing for a bit.
  5. Be prepared for bad weather. Nothing like 10 girls shivering under a LUAS stop shelter hiding from the rain…

Ilaina Khairulzaman, GirlCrew Dublin

With the knowledge bombs dropped, week two saw the girls nipping over to the Southside to visit some of the establishments on the other side of the Liffey.  Bibi’s Cafe was first on the list but unfortunately due to an issue with the dishwasher this place was closed, undeterred, the group ploughed on to spot number two.

Two Fifty Square, Williams Park, Rathmines Road Lwr

Described as a roaster and coffee bar, Two Fifty Square has been making a splash on the Dublin scene for quite some time now. The coffee is top-notch with the beans roasted on-site, a huge plus for any coffee lover. With a range of ground, V60, Aeropress and cold coffees on sale the best bet is to check the boards and see what tickles your fancy. For those who love their food, this place is a goldmine, and the gang happily tucked into pancakes with bacon that were described with expletives, and the weekend special of avocado toast with a mimosa (€10), pictured here with a flat white. With small bites coming in around €4 and bigger brunch dishes costing €13 there is something here to suit all budgets. Given that the group was bunch of 15 girls who just walked-in, the team couldn’t have done more to accommodate the group and squeeze everyone in for brunch so we have to give a special mention to the staff in this place who went above and beyond to help out the crew.  With bellies full and coffees swigged the group headed onward.



Sister Sadie, 46 Harrington St., Dublin 8

Sister Sadie is the younger, southern, sister of Brother Hubbard so you can expect the same chilled atmosphere, lovely staff, and a gorgeous menu that includes plenty of delicious goodies to carry you from breakfast right through to dinner. This place prides itself on its coffee and works closely with the team at 3fe to source coffee that is freshly roasted and ground, varied, and bought directly from farmers. A double shot is standard here, and with the offering changing seasonally you know that you can always expect an incredibly high quality product.  Some found the coffee on offer this time around a little bitter for their taste, but this proved controversial as others loved it. With such a strong reputation, this place can be wedged and since the group were only after coffees they chilled outside but with the recent weather we’ve been having this wasn’t an issue.  If you’re lucky enough to bag a table, booking is advised, the menu is one of those were it’s impossible to decide as everything is amazing and great value to boot with most dishes coming in around the €10 mark on the daytime menu.

Sister Sadie

Meet Me in the Morning, 50 Pleasants St., Dublin 8

Learning from past experiences is vital so before landing at this spot Illiana and the gang rang ahead to announce their imminent arrival.  Having given in their orders, the girls lingered outside while the staff did their thing. Right away you’ll notice this place has so much to offer, the Bob Dylan reference, the minimalist signage, a cute but comfortable interior and a huge glass window that is ideal for people watching, and a perfectly placed bench to soak up the sun. But it’s what they sell that makes this place such a gem. The real magic is that they give equal weighting to both coffee and food so you’ll never be disappointed. With a focus is on a stripped back menu that champions quality, knowledgeable sourcing, and depth of flavour the coffee here is always impressive, and the food also showcases a lot of local produce. We felt a flat white priced at €3.50 was good value for a city centre location, especially given the quality of the beans used. However, we’d recommend the affagato – a scoop of Cúlcow Vanilla Madagascar Ice Cream from Clongowney, Co. Offaly topped with espresso. Delish!

Meet Me

The verdict….

Similarly to the first round when comparing establishments like these it’s incredibly difficult to just pick one, so it’s generally a case of pipped at the post. With a “ridiculously delicious” affogato and staff described as “lovely, lovely, people” the winner of week two has to be Meet Me in the Morning. In the interest of transparency we should also disclose that this may have been aided by the fact that the group was interviewed for a college project during this stop. Nothing earns brownie points faster than making your customers feel like celebs.  If you’re a member of GirlCrew, and a lover of coffee, make sure you check out the events tab for all the details of the next coffee crawl set for July 30th.

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