Ladies of Web Summit Unite! #WowCrew – Pop-Up Crew for Women of Web

WowCrew –  it stands for Women of Web, and we’re taking on Web Summit!

If you’re attending Web Summit, make sure you join Wowcrew to link in with other women attending, speaking, and tech-ing it up!


The Web Summit are making efforts to balance out gender ratios at the annual event. But so far the percentage of female speakers isn’t much higher than last year. Which is a pity. I was totes available. But they also made the cool move to offer a bunch of free tickets to women. But what can be a killer with any event, for many people, is not having someone to go with.

I went to Web Summit on my own last year. But sometimes you just want someone to grab a coffee or lunch with. Or someone to turn to during a talk and make that face of, “Oh my god, this is GENIUS/AWFUL/INSPIRING/GOING TO MAKE ME CRY!”.

I didn’t feel like I knew most people well enough to pal along to the night time events with them. And as GirlCrew has just eradicated all of that from the rest of my life, i thought it could offer that to WebSummit gals.

Sadly, I’m also doing it because I recently read about a woman who was sexually assaulted at a conference she had travelled to for work. And it prevented her wanting to travel for work anymore. That upset me. A lot. GirlCrew offers a community of other lovely women for the few days you’re here if you need any of us for anything. From dancing and coffees to advice on where to stay to and more serious issues.

It also might be a cool place to recommend speakers to each other or share little tidbits of things you’ve learned. (I know not everyone is as much of a twitter fanatic as i am.) And if you’re a founder, co-founder, entrepreneur, developer – whatever, come tell us about it. It’s not a space for promotion, but it is a space for sharing things and supporting other great women doing great things. Enthusiastic high fives available left, right and centre on request.

PS. Posts and ‘events’ set up in the group are only visible to members. You can bring along male friends, colleagues etc. to any meetups organised. It’s just the group page is female only. x

G’wan the girls.


Elva x

3 thoughts on “Ladies of Web Summit Unite! #WowCrew – Pop-Up Crew for Women of Web”

  1. hi,
    This sounds amazing! Don’t be fooled by the name i am a girl. I’m at the Web Summit for all 3 days Tues to Thurs and would live to meet for a coffee, drinks, lunch or whatever.
    Thanks! And well done on being a pretty inspiring young female too 😉

  2. You are too sweet! Thank you Darryl 🙂 This is the link to the temporary group if you want to join and if not i have you on twitter now so i’ll be hollering at you for coffee breaks there 😉 x elva

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