#GC40 Around the World in 40 Days: The Kingdom of Kerry


Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Photo via Frances McDonagh

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Kerry actually has a special place in the heart of GirlCrew history. Out first every bit of press coverage was an interview on Radio Kerry with the lovely Anna Curtin. We all got very excited about it and I was so nervous I wrote “I am Beyonce” on my hand to see if it would help me fake confidence. It did, but if you ever try it just remember to wash it off your hand before you leave the house! So when someone proposed that Kerry have their own group, we couldn’t really say no, could we! They’re a lovely busy little group with girls in Tralee, Co Kerry* and spread outside of there across the county too. The travel group also took a trip down recently to visit the scenery and met up with the crew there too. So cool.

Food, Coffee, Drinks…and More Food

Most of our Kerry tips were food related so we suggest you make a little tour based on the best places to eat and just find gorgeous walking stops along the way! You won’t be stuck for scenery that’s for sure. If you’re looking for nightlife, ask around about local trad sessions or head to Killarney or Tralee for slightly more populated areas and more choice!

  • Murphy’s Bar in Cloghan* is the most beautiful little pub in the world!
  • Global Village in Dingle* is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten in. In Killorglin Nicks and Sol y Sombra, restaurants are must visit too.
  • When it comes to scenery, check out  Slea Head Drive in west Kerry and/or the view of the lakes from Lady’s View on the road between Killarney and Kenmare.
  • A new spot called Gregory’s Garden recently opened in Castlegregory and is apparently amazing.
  • For the best crab claws in west Kerry, make your way to Spillane’s out the road in the Maharees.
  • If you’re in Dingle, check out Murphy’s ice cream, as it’s the home of the chain. LOVE their sea salt but didn’t dig the brown bread one, no matter how cool an idea it seemed!
  • If you’re in Glenbeigh/Cromane outside Killorglin, there’s a fabulous restaurant called Jacks restaurant and is especially nice in the summer with great weather.
  • The Village Kitchen in Sneem is lovely. Homemade, local, great value and a friendly atmosphere.


Go to Portmagee Waterville* it’s fab down there. Apparently, it’s like a different world once you pass over the mountains to south Kerry.

If you’re feeling prepared for it, go climb Ireland’s highest peak – Carrauntoohil. Get good advice on your route beforehand and make sure to be prepared for everything. Each year on the summer solstice, there is a group that organizes a night hike, to see the dawn of the longest day of the year at the summit. It’s an amazing experience and nice having a guide too. But I was in no way prepared for how hard coming back DOWN would be! Hard on the knees. Walking stick things wouldn’t go astray 😉 As youthful and sprightly as we all are.

Last but not least, ask any local what they’d recommend you go see nearby. They’ll know if any cliffs have disappeared due to erosion recently if new places have opened up etc so always your best advice.

Making friends in Kerry

GirlCrew was set up to make a few new friends for nights out on the tiles but it quickly evolved into the place to go for some female pals for any kinds of social activities. It started in Dublin but there’s a great group growing in Kerry, along with over 40 other city groups across the globe too. The group is open to all women over about 25 years, there is no upper age limit and there are also new members joining so don’t feel worried about everyone already knowing each other. We’ve all been newbies once! Hit the link below to join the Kerry crew or check out our other city groups here.

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Kerry (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

*GirlCrew may benefit from bookings as an affiliate partner of Booking.com. It does not add any extra cost to you and helps support our team, website, and app =) Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Hello I would like to find out more about joining the girl crew group in Kerry. It’s sound like just what I need. What age groups? Or does it vary. I’m in my 40’s. Any info appreciated. Many thanks Jackie.

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