#GC40 Around the World in 40 Days: Elegant Edinburgh

Making friends in Edinburgh

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From the beginning of our virtual journey in Aberdeen, all the way to Austin and Brisbane, among many other stops, here we find ourselves back in bonnie Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and the second most populated city in the country. It’s also got a cool castle on a giant rock in a park and is flooded with the best accent in the world. It’s home to national institutions such as the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish National Gallery so there’ll be lots to see. It’s also famous for the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe, so it’s got a great creative and cultural vibe to boot. But even if you’ve lived in the city you’re whole life, we’ve still got some cool things for you to add to your local bucket list.

Queen of the Castle

You’ll be able to see the castle perched on its peak from much of the city but make sure to step a little closer too. The park grounds surrounding it are perfect for a walk even if you don’t want to visit the castle building itself. You can tour the inside of the building but check out if there are any cool events on when you’re around too if you want to make the most of it. If you like parks and want to check out another either for walks or running/jogging routes Figgate Park comes recommended too.

See a Show

Even if you’re not in the city for the festival or the fringe, you can still have culture coming our your ears, (and without the high prices and busy streets of the festival times). See what plays are coming up in the Edinburgh Playhouse for the perfect night at the theatre. They get big shows like Chicago and Cats and if you’re an Amy Schumer fan she’ll be there in August.

A Night at the Zoo

Yep, you did read that correctly. In the summer the zoo opens late and invites all the adults to “relax and unwind as the sun goes down, enjoying the idyllic setting and seeing the animals as they too bask in the dusky summer night.” You can enjoy locally sourced food in the gardens and learning more about the animals, conservation and the scientific work undertaken there. We think these might be only running in June though. Find out more here.

Surfing at Dunbar

Grab some buddies and head out into the waves for a surf lesson. Sure the water is freezing but the feeling of staying standing on a board for even 5 seconds on a little baby wave is so great that it’s worth it. Dunbar is about 25 minutes by train and perhaps a little longer by car so it’s nice to make a day of it.  Our GirlCrew in Edinburgh are off to do this later in the summer and planning to have their own little free yoga session and a barbecue after so that even the girls not into surfing the waves can come enjoy it. GirlCrew is the best thing. I’m not even sorry but it is. How often do you end up with a gang that are like,

“Hey let’s go surfing!”

“Yes let’s. I teach yoga, I can do a mini class for us and we can barbecue stuff too.”


Creating the coolest memories and friendships 4ever.

Stuff Your Face

Do you brunch? Cool, so do we. Two great spots in Edinburgh include Blue bear and TriBeCa. And while they do a great brunch they’re perfect for a midweek coffee too if you can’t hand on until the weekend for catch ups 😉

Making Friends in Edinburgh

GirlCrew was set up to make a few new friends for nights out on the tiles but it quickly evolved into the place to go for some female pals for any kinds of social activities. It started in Dublin, Ireland but there’s a really active amazing group running in Edinburgh for ages now too. (As well as about 40 more other cities). The group is open to all women over 25, with no upper limit for age, and there are always newbies joining the group so don’t worry about being new to it. We were all a newbie once! Hit the link below to join the crew and find yourself some amazing summer adventures.

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Edinburgh (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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