#GC40 Around the World in 40 Days: Carry On Cardiff

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Cardiff* is the Wale’s largest city and its capital. It’s also the tenth largest city in the UK. It’s got a great little GirlCrew gang that already have a reputation for generosity and friendliness. When some Irish GirlCrew rugby fans found themselves stuck for somewhere to stay at the time of a big match, they asked the Welsh group if they had any advice on finding somewhere with everything booked out. These sound girls straight away piped up with, “Hey, come stay with us!” So we will love them forever and can’t wait for them to call on us to return the favor.

Some great things to do whether you’re a local, visiting, or recently moved there.

Learn some Welsh!

It’s the country’s native tongue. You won’t be caught out if you don’t speak it as day-to-day, most people speak English, but it’s probably more widely spoken than Irish is in Ireland. It’s a great conversation starter and you’re going to have fun trying to manage those pronunciations and spellings. But it’s a lovely thing to be able to say a few words at least. I personally think it would be rude to go somewhere and not know how to say Hello, please, thank you and goodbye in the local language.

Visit The Clink

Yes, we’re telling you to go to jail, but this is no ordinary experience. The clink is a chain of charity restaurants, run by inmates. The programme allows those serving sentences to learn new skills and have new experiences that can assist them in rehabilitation on leaving prison. There are a few of these around the UK now and we’ve heard the food is great too. You might even learn a little yourself.

Cardiff Castle

There are amazing castles across the UK, but sometimes these can be a bit of a drive from the city center so not always very convenient, especially if it’s just a short trip or you’re trying to fit in something nice while traveling there for work. With Cardiff Castle, however, this is not the case. Those ancient builders had your time limitations in mind and built it right in the heart of Cardiff 😉 We recommend the ‘House Tour’ but you can also check out the Roman Walls, Wartime Shelters and more. If the weathers nice, you can have a nice stroll or a picnic in Bute Park after!

Rave in a Bank Vault

Yes, you did read that bizarre sentence correctly. And yes we have told you to eat in jail and rave in a bank, but we promise we’re not leading you astray. The converted vault is now a venue that boasts one of the finest sound systems in Wales and your fill of House and Techno gigs.

Making friends in Cardiff

Like any city, making friends can be tough and as we get older it gets even harder. For those who are looking to make new friends, GirlCrew is just the thing for you. This community is for women aged 25+ and is the perfect place to find that new running partner, a brunch club, or even a group to go out dancing with, whether you’re new in town, or just looking for some new friends with similar interests. Tell them we said Hello! (Welsh for hello, not a typo, and a pretty easy start to picking up the language!)

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Cardiff (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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