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makign Friends in Brisbane over 30

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Beach, Art & City in an Afternoon or Evening

It might be “winter” in Brisbane right now (is there such a thing as winter in Queensland?!) but when the warmer weather makes it’s way back, a fab city activity is to take a stroll down South Bank to their artificial beach. When you’re done swimming and chilling (with sun cream on and a hat, and some water, stay safe in the sun folks) grab yourself some lunch at one of the many nearby cafes and restaurants, a rejuvenatingly excellent coffee (Australia has one of the best barista standards around) and head towards GOMA, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. It’s a perfect 15-minute walk along the river. The gallery itself is stunning and the Australian art collection is probably the best I saw in Australia. A lot of Australian artists don’t get a lot of attention in Europe, so I had the joy of discovering some absolute wonders after four years in a very Euro-centric focussed art college! If you spent your day having a nice lie-in and didn’t make it to the art gallery and the beach by the afternoon, River Quay Green is also the perfect evening picnic spot. Pro tip – grab a pizza from Popolo as the lazy alternative to actually making and carrying your own grub.

I’m On a Boat B!tch

“Take public transport” might not immediately sound like the most riveting part of your trip, but in Bris-Vegas, it might be. Their Citycat operates like a local bus service between heaps of areas along the river. It’s regular, reliable and a perfect way to see the city and to cool down with that nice little riverboat breeze.

Get Trendy in the West End-y

The West End is one of Brisbane’s trendiest areas, so if you want to be among hipsters, this is the spot for you. There’s a great little book store with a cafe at the back of it that I forget the name of that’s worth taking some time in. They have an incredible selection of some of the best magazines I’ve ever seen. There’s also a great little vintage shop that I also don’t remember the name of but got some amazing cowboy boots in. If you’re in the bookshop, walk up to the crossroads with the 7/11 and you should see it just across the road! For dinner, grab some Greek food in Lefkas, a little out of the center. It’s authentic, delicious, going for years, always busy and overall a brilliant atmosphere too. Like eating with one big family

Rob a Koala from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Things to do in Brisbane

Except for don’t literally rob it, just rob them all into your heart in a metaphorical sense. This is the first and largest koala sanctuary. It’s 12km from the city, so about a fifteen-minute drive, but it could take nearly an hour on public transport. However, you can also get a boat cruise to it! If you’re feeling swag. If you hear anyone warning you about drop bears – listen to them. The fear is real 😉 Right Aussies? Be careful. Maybe wear some kind of protective headgear. If you’re looking for more time outdoors, Brisbane Forest Park or a walk in Mount Coot-Tha are also wonderful.


There’s a free comedy on Friday at The Powerhouse! Thanks, Brisbane!

Finding New Friends in Brisbane

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Whether you’re visiting, newly transplanted to Brisbane or have lived there your whole life. if you are over 25. You may begin to find that your friends aren’t free for adventures as much as they used to be. Does that mean you should be having fewer adventures? God no! So GirlCrew was set up to solve exactly that problem and already has a well established and lovely crew in Brisbane. We’ve even done interviews about it on the radio there. Have a listen here. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to make new friends, at least for the ladies. Though feel free to organize an event where menfolk are invited along as well. All you have to do is join the group for your city, post what you want to do, and then enjoy the fun of heading off on an adventure with some friendly new faces. Fabulous!

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Brisbane (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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