#GC40 Around the World in 40 Days: Bank on Birmingham

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One of the loveliest people I know is from Birmingham so, despite the fact that I’ve never been, I love it indirectly because she came out of there, so it must be fabulous. Our group there is running over a year and has over 600 members already enjoying the flip out of Birmingham on the regular. If you get in this week, you might even be just in time for the free roller skate session.

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With the weather so nice at the moment, we have to cover some lovely outdoorsy bits of Birmingham life. Check out Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses for a peaceful stroll among over 7,000 plants, shrubs, and trees that spans across 15 acres.  Each of the four glasshouses showcases plant life from different climates; from tropical rainforest vegetation to desert cacti. Also be sure to take a peek around the new Butterfly House!

Also if you’re meandering about the city, take a moment to walk about Victoria Square. With grand statues and water features, this is what a proper city square should look like.

Coffee, Chats & Reading

Some recommended cafes include Cafephilia on Alcester Road who serves up a “not-to-miss” chocolate Guinness cake or 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge, a perfect spot for some solo downtime, or a chinwag with some new friends.


If you like visual arts, head right to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Heavier on paintings than artifacts, the museum features works by Lowry and William Morris, to name a few artists. You can beef up your Birmingham knowledge by checking out the exhibit dedicated to the history of the city, and learn the story of the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found.

Making Friends in Birmingham

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Whether you’re visiting or new in town, being stuck for some friends to head to dinner in a new restaurant with or a gig with can hit all of us at some point or another. Especially as we get a little older. GirlCrew was set up to solve exactly that problem and already has a well established and lovely crew in Birmingham. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to make new friends, at least for the ladies. Though feel free to organize an event where menfolk are invited along as well. It’s for women aged about 25+ and all you have to do is join the group for your city, post what you want to do, and then enjoy the fun of heading off on an adventure with some friendly new faces. Fabulous!

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Birmingham (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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