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Aberdeen* is Scotland’s third largest city. It has earned its place as our first stop on our virtual world tour for two reasons. Firstly but not foremostly, it’s first in the alphabet! Secondly, and much more importantly, while Aberdeen isn’t one of our biggest GirlCrew groups, it’s been one of the most fun, most active and most consistently delightful since its inception, these girls know the best Aberdeen Activities on offer.

Scotland attracts more tourists to Edinburgh and Glasgow each year. We’ll take a look at them later in the trip too, but a quick scroll through GirlCrew Aberdeen’s past events points to numerous reasons to visit, or things to get out and enjoy if you’re living there or moving there. If you need a crew, join the girls.

Here are just a few top things to do while living, visiting or passing through.

Get Outdoors

  • Walk Up Oxen Craig: Bennachie is a range of hills in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with several peaks to choose from, the highest of which is Oxen Craig. Though not particularly high when compared to some of Scotland’s other impressive mountains. Oxen Craig is a standout climb due to its isolation and relative flatness of the surrounding area.
  • Walk Up Scotty Hill: Scolty Hill is a small hill south of the Deeside town, Banchory and is best known for its 20m tall tower monument. The monument, was restored in the early 90s. It was originally built in 1840 as a memorial to General Burnett who fought alongside Wellington. Climb Scolty Hill to blow away the cobwebs after a week in the office, or take the dog up on a Sunday morning. Benefits (as well as bragging rights for getting up a mountain) include gorgeous views of Banchory, the Dee Valley and the Grampian Mountains. If you’re a mountain biker, it’s a popular spot for that too.
Scolty Hill Aberdeen

Photo via GirlCrew Aberdeen member Regi Rat Poni‎.

  • Trip to Dunnottar Castle: Dunrottar Castle is located just off the main A92, Stonehaven/Montrose road, less than two miles south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire and can be reached by car or public transport. As well as exploring the beautiful scenery, you can check out the numerous buildings that make up this site and discover the captivating history and legends attached to it.  William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, the Marquis of Montrose and the future King Charles II, all have apparently graced the Castle with their presence. We expect the GirlCrew trip there to be listed as part of its history in years to come 😉 It was also here that a small garrison held out against the might of Cromwell’s army for eight months and saved the Scottish Crown Jewels!
Another fab shot via GirlCrew Aberdeen member Regi Rat Poni‎

Another fab shot via GirlCrew Aberdeen member Regi Rat Poni‎

Get Fed

  • Go Fancy:

    If you fancy afternoon tea and a bit of luxury, book yourself and your friends in for some indulgence at Malmaison Hotel Aberdeen. They offer Cream Tea from £10 and Full Afternoon Tea from £15.

  • Sharing is Caring: Tapas are perfect for a group to get to know each other. You learn ever so quickly who doesn’t share food and can plan ordering accordingly at subsequent events 😉 It also means getting to try a little bit of all the tasty things. Without feeling too full to gorge on desert at the end. A great spot for it in Aberdeen is Cafe Andaluz. (Which you can also find in Edinburgh and two locations in Glasgow, if you get hooked and need your fix when you travel.) If you opt for the early bird set menu you can get three taps for £12.95 or add another £3 on to add desert.


  • Burgers & Banter: This was the actual event name of one of Aberdeen’s recent get-togethers and one of my all time favourites. GirlCrew’s choice of venue? The Boozy Cow. It’s located on Langstane Place. They do burgers, but the banter is BYO. If you’re feeling spicy you could also attempt their chilli challenge. You have 15 minutes to consume a chilli dog, chilli cheese burger, chilli cheese fries and one Oreo milkshake. If you can handle all that, it’s on the house. We don’t recommend this though. We’re pretty big fans of savouring food at our leisure.
  • Feeling Sweet: Lastly but not leastly, you simply MUST check out Cupcakes by Jo. They’re delicious, perfect and it’s one of the Aberdeen crew’s favourite spots. As a bonus, it just so happens to be run by one of our members too 😉 If you think we’re simply biased in our recommendations as she’s one of our own, just try argue with the fact that she just one an award for Aberdeenshire’s best baked goods. Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Aberdeen’s queen of the cupcakes on the blog.

Night Life & Activities

  • Soulful: Located in a converted church, Soul is a bar and grill that offers a great selection of food as well as beverages. (Can you tell we like to eat?) They’ve got a wide selection of stunning looking cocktails. They feature ‘spirits of the month’ if you want to try something new. The perfect spot to start a night out, but they close at 1am so if you’re the dance all night long type you might need somewhere lined up for after. Got a suggestion for somewhere? Tweet us @GirlCrewHQ
  • Let’s Get Quizical: Much like tapas is a great way to get to know people, so is being on a quiz team with them. Who’s hiding their phone under the table (it’s for the good of the crew you guys, we’re not judging…we’re judging a small amount). Who knows trivia that no one has any reason to know? Who’s going to make sure everyone’s got a drink in front of them and some snacks and who’s blindly ambitious. If running-around-a-field team activities aren’t your bag. A quiz night offers the perfect alternative space to bring your weird skills to benefit the group. Aberdeen have availed of the Friends (TV Show) quiz at The Bobbin, as well as 90s Quiz and Kids of the 90s Quiz at Siberia Vodka Bar. But if you find another great spot for them, join the crew, post it up and it’s game on.
  • Bowling & Laser Tag: This crew is fab for organising a totally diverse range of stuff. So it left us with more than just great pubs and food spots to recommend. Newbie Night has been known to include Laser Tag at Cadonas. There’s no better way to initiate a few new ladies into the pack than shooting at them with lasers like. If you can handle that for your first night we’re with you 4Lyf. There’s also been bowling, also at Cadona’s. And if you’re tired just reading about all this activity and effort, they are far from averse to a good old fashioned trip to the cinema.

Enjoy your stay/life in Aberdeen whether you choose to join the crew or not. And we look forward to making this a real life adventure we get to go on ourselves one day too! And a big huge thank you and shout out to current and previous Aberdeen admins. As well as all the girls in the group who’ve made it what it is. We salute you guys.x

Next stop on the #GC40 World Tour? Austin, Texas….coming at you tomorrow. Got a tip for the trip? Shout where’s great to eat. What’s cool to see and do and we’ll see if we can fit in a mention. 

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