Fun Places to Eat in Portland

Fun Places to Eat in Portland

Food is great, but when you can have fun while enjoying a delicious bite, that makes it all the more better. In Portland, you can’t go wrong. The beautiful coastal city offers a variety of restaurants to appeal to your inner foodie self while having fun in the meantime. So, download our GirlCrew app, grab a group of friends, and check out our choices of the most fun places to eat in Portland.

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DiMillo’s on the Water

Listen to the sound of the ocean at the waterfront restaurant of Dimilo’s on the Water. Located right on the Portland Harbor, you’re not just floating because of how great the food is. At Dimilo’s, food is served fresh. Known for their classic seafood recipes like fried clams and planked scallops, Dimillo’s was featured on “The Best of Portland” for a reason. Make sure to relax outside on the deck with cocktails and an app and sail the night away!


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It is a must to grab a slice of pizza here at the award-winning restaurant of Otto. Otto opened their doors recently in 2009, but have quickly conquered the nation. Regarded as one of the best places for pizza in America, Otto is known for their creative take on the American classic. Be sure to take a bite of their popular mashed potato pizza—it truly beats all expectations!

The Great Lost Bear

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You are sure to have a blast at The Great Lost Bear, located on the popular Forest Ave. in downtown Portland. Voted the best beer bar in Maine for 2018, The Great Lost Bear’s variety of bear-themed craft beers are what make this restaurant one of the most unique places to eat in Portland. Make sure to not get lost on your way to the restaurant as you might run into an actual bear!

Miss Portland Diner

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Grab an authentic American breakfast here at the Miss Portland Diner. Built back in 1949, the Miss Portland Diner has maintained its classic diner character throughout the decades. Take a seat in this old-fashioned building structure as you sip a coffee and dive into delicious pancakes drenched in good ol’ Maine maple syrup.   

Flatbread Company

Yes, more pizza. This restaurant doesn’t just come with great pizza though; it also comes with a great view off Casco Bay on the coast of Portland. The wonderful environment of the Flatbread Company throws you right into the ocean air of the eastern coast without the super fancy atmosphere. Enjoy a yummy cocktail with a great slice of pizza as you quickly learn what makes this restaurant one of the most fun places to eat in Portland.

Marcy’s Diner

Maine really is known for their diners, so I had to put one more of my favorites in. Marcy’s Diner opened their doors back in the 1940’s under a different name, but have nonetheless been able to maintain the heart and soul of the diner for the years to follow. Sit inside the cozy restaurants and enjoy a strong diner coffee and a signature omelet on a Sunday morning. Make sure to take out cash before you get there, as one of the many things that makes Marcy’s Diner a unique place to eat in Portland is that it is a cash-only restaurant!

The Holy Donut

Of course I had to throw something to entice your sweet tooth in here, and there is nothing better than the Holy Donut right in Portland. At Holy Donut, it is all about their not-so-secret ingredient: the potato. The owner wanted a donut that you could feel good about, using fresh wholesome ingredients into making the perfect recipe. I’m sure you’re wondering how a potato tastes as a donut, and the answer is: delicious. The potato gives the donut a moist texture that just melts into your mouth in seconds. Try their unique flavors—from maple bacon to blueberry glaze—and good luck choosing just one!

What did you think of our choices? Know any fun places to eat in Portland yourself? Let us know below! And if you’ve worked your way through this selection, we’ve got a few more options here and top spots for happy hour here. Make sure to download the GirlCrew app for more tips on where to eat in areas near you.

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