Fun Places to Eat in Chicago

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Chicago is a really awesome city. There are lots to do. The millennium mile, check out Navy Pier, admire the view from the Willis Tower Skydeck. But after so much walking and exploring, its time to eat! Where do you go for some really nice food? And what if you have no one to go with? Well GirlCrew HQ is here to save the day. Download the GirlCrew app and find some new friends to go to brunch with you. And in the meantime, check out some fun places to eat in Chicago.

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Carnivale Chicago

Carnivale is a really fun place to eat in Chicago. Enjoy the festival atmosphere that Carnivale has to offer. Dine on unique Latin-inspired dishes while enjoying a tequila cocktail or two. Keep an eye out for the Carnivale food truck that appears at lots of events in downtown Chicago and local neighborhoods. Carnivale has lots of events too with musicians, aerialists, and dancers. Keep an eye on the events section of their website for more info.


AceBounce is a fun place to eat in Chicago for your birthday. Popular with celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow, AceBounce has three elements that make it so successful, good food, a bar and of course ping pong. Play with friends and enjoy some drinks. Take things up a notch by playing Wonderball. Check out Business Insider UK for more about the new high tech game. Their bottomless brunch is on Saturdays 12-2pm. Bottomless mimosas and game gurus organizing hilarious games for your group. Perfect for celebrating your birthday.

El Ideas

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‘Redefining fine dining’, EL Ideas is one of the most unique restaurants to eat in Chicago. A Michelin star restaurant, hidden away in the downtown neighbourhood of Douglas Park. Once you settle in, be prepared to interact with the chefs making your meal. There are no walls or boundaries separating you so talking to the chef is welcomed and encouraged. They then explain to you your meal and how they have prepared it. Unusual dishes such as dehydrated coconut and lime, or the”Twix Bar”, a chicken liver-topped crouton dipped in chocolate that’s eaten with the hands. Either way, EL ideas is a really unique place and you will end up licking your plate at the end ( it’s encouraged )

Alinea Restaurant

Alinea Restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurants to eat in Chicago. Having gone through two redesigns and rebuilds, purely to embrace innovation and create new experiences, Alinea seeks to be timeless and sophisticated. You can choose from three dining experiences, the chef’s table, the gallery or the salon. Each dining experience is completely different and unique. Although expensive, dining at the chef’s table can cost up to $385 per person including wine and tax, if you love your food and new experiences, Alinea is where you want to go.

Tommy’s Gun Garage

Tommy’s Gun Garage is an audience Interactive speakeasy restaurant to eat in Chicago. You will be transported back to the 1920s where girls dance the Charleston and mobsters reign. A musical comedy review that features popular 1920s composers, memorabilia and more. Make sure you hold onto your liquor as you can be pulled up on stage to perform a sobriety test by Officer Murphy. And don’t forget the secret password, otherwise ‘Gloves’ the doorman won’t let you in!

So what do you think? Where are your favourite fun places to eat in Chicago? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to download the GirlCrew app. We’ve just launched in Chicago and are so excited! If you are looking to go thrifting or something to do at night, we’ve got you covered.

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