Friendship As An Adult: It Ain’t Easy, But Here’s Why It’s Worth It


Friendship As An Adult: It Ain’t Easy, But Here’s Why It’s Worth It

Adulting is hard, here’s why friendship is so important.

As an adult, life can get unexpectedly busy and stressful. In 2016, I turned 28 but I still feel like a teenager. I bought a house and a car, friends from school have begun to get married and have kids. Yet, Saturday morning comes and here I am crashing on the couch, eating last night’s takeaway and watching cartoons. Is this adulthood?

I’m starting to realise, being a grown up also makes seeing friends a lot harder. No longer are the days when we would simply call over to our friends house and say “You coming out?”

Social media, as amazing as it can be, can also trick us. Holiday snaps, status updates and announcing life milestones can give the impression we are living perfect lives. In reality, a lot of us are struggling to pay bills and feeling lonelier than ever. Recent studies have shown eighty-six per cent of millennials reported feeling lonely and depressed. Another study in 2014 found “18-24 year-olds were four times as likely to feel lonely all the time as those aged 70 and above.”



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When there are so many things to focus on, whether it be a new job or relationship, are we too quick to disregard friendship as one of our priorities? It’s easily done. How many times has a friend text you, you’ve glanced at it and forgotten to text back? Or you planned that long overdue catch up together, only for one of you to cancel at the last minute because life got in the way?

And when we do meet, our minds are often elsewhere because our phone is vibrating with notifications. It’s possible that merely having a phone in view can affect the quality of our communication. With life being so hectic and busy, while we try to have it all and then some, we often forget to disconnect and really talk to a friend or even check in on them for tea to see how they are. 

So I think it’s time to put the phone down, log off, and call down to your friend’s house and ask, ‘Are you coming out?’

Go for a walk, go get an ice cream or if they really don’t want to leave the house, invite yourself in for tea!


3 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Friendship

While fun, and rewarding, a lasting friendship needs nurturing. The easy tips can help.

  1. If you’re constantly distracted by social media and the general internet, pick a day each week where you make plans with the people you love. Figure out the dates and times that might suit and show them you love them IRL.
  2. Do something together. Even something small like going for a walk, or cooking dinner together can be a great way to spend quality time with friends. Why not share the burden and have one make the main while the other makes dessert? Or cheat, and pop to your local shop for a meal deal. We won’t tell if you don’t.
  3. When you’re together, make a pact to turn off and put away the phones for an hour. We bet real life dollar bills you both end up laughing so hard or chatting so deeply that you actually go longer than an hour.


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