Fresh To Death With Betzy Nina | Meet the GirlCrewer #96

With summer creeping ever closer, it’s time to think about vibrant colours, sunglasses, sundresses and all things floaty. Thanks to the folks over at Froccupy we’ve got a discount on their clothing but now that your wardrobe is sorted, what about jewellery? Well, that’s where Betzy Nina from SANDIA DUBLIN comes in. Simply use the code “girlcrewlove” to get 15% off all items on her website. Applicable until 31/05/2017.

Fresh To Death With Betzy Nina | Meet the GirlCrewer #96

Born and raised in Venezuela, Betzy has been living in Dublin since 2010. A regular on the Dublin market scene, Betzy is well-known for her handmade eclectic pieces which are lightweight but pack a design punch. Whether you want something sleek and minimal, or an OTT color pop there are pieces to suit all tastes. Not only that but with prices starting at under a tenner, there’s something to suit all budgets.

She’s also well-loved by the crew with yours truly owning her unique tiger necklace, and Elva owning a lovely turquoise fringed creation. And it’s not just jewellery that Betsy stocks either. While you’re there, be sure to also check out her range of fantastic sunglasses; which are bringing some serious retro vibes with a fashion-forward twist. Fellow GC’er Ci Moulton got in on this early, bagging herself a pair of Rose Gold Cateye shades.

But don’t just take our word for it. Betzy Nina has been steadily growing her following. And she’s quickly being picked up by those with a nose for graphics. Including some of Dublin’s leading creatives such as Aoife Dooley aka “Your One Nikita”. But it’s not just punchy pieces either. If you like things are little more sleek, streamlined and understated SANDIA have a range of minimalist that are perfect for any occasion.

We sat down with Betzy Nina to find out more about her collection, and also wrangled you guys a discount on her amazing creations. Simply use the code “girlcrewlove” to avail of 15% off until May 13th across the website. GirlCrew Premium members, don’t forget to check your discount directory for your unique code to bag an even bigger discount. Winning!

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But enough chat, let’s hear from the lady herself.

So, Betzy Nina, how did you get into jewellery making and designing?

I love creating in all levels.  I’ve worked in media production, radio hosting  and music events since the year 2000 until I moved from Venezuela to Dublin in 2010.

After having a couple of cool jobs in bars and restaurants to improve my English, I decided it was time to be happier, create and make a living from it. I tried, tried, and tried, until I came up with the idea of making funky big jewellery that is extremely lightweight and easy to wear. I went to a couple of local craft markets and so it started…

Your pieces are visually stunning, but also interesting in terms of materials and texture. How do you source your materials?

Crafts shops mainly, but I have different supplier from around the world. Some pieces are made from scratch using homemade cold porcelain and one of my best seller piece is made out of expanded rubber.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Many places and many states of mind. Sometimes I’m just watching series on Netflix and suddenly I have an idea. Sometimes I see a blogger on Instagram and I think of what necklace she should be wearing so I create it. Sometimes I feel totally out of ideas so I just stop thinking of it. Many times I go through materials that I’ve bought over the years and when I find them again it clicks so I make something new.

I have very funky pieces and I have some very minimalist ones. This diversity comes from all my friends different styles. Same happens with colours. I try to follow fashion trends and seasons but because I was born in a warm city very close to the Caribbean sea my inspiration mainly comes from bright and warm colours and the beach.

Love it! So what’s next for SANDIA? Can you tell us a bit about your new range?

At the moment I am making lots of pinks, lilac and the classic turquoise. These colours are always great on white, grey or a black simple T-shirt. I’m already working with yellow which is coming as a strong trend!

Sounds like you are doing seriously well, what’s the best piece of business advice you’ve gotten?

I don’t remember if somebody told me this but you’ve got to risk money to make money.

As a fan of the classic tee and jeans combo, her new range is music to my ears. So definitely looking forward to what Betzy comes up with next. If you’d like to check out her wares in person, you can check out her Facebook page to keep up to date on the markets she attends. Huge thanks to Betzy for taking the time to chat with us, and pop yourself over to SANDIA DUBLIN for all your accessory needs. Simply use the code “girlcrewlove” to avail of 15% off until 13th May. Premium members check your directory for your sneaky extra discount.

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