5 Ways to Get Involved With Animal Shelters in San Francisco

Who doesn’t love animals? They’re cute, cuddly and make really great friends. The problem is, not every animal has a safe home to go back to. Big cities like San Francisco face animal overcrowding and abandonment on a regular basis, leaving many stranded on the streets. Luckily, San Francisco is leading the charge in the fight to save their lives. Ready to help? Then grab a group of friends on our GirlCrew app and check out our top 5 ways to get involved with animal shelters in San Francisco.

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Volunteer at the SF SPCA

The SF SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has been a non-profit animal shelter in San Francisco since 1868. With the vision of ending all animal abandonment in the city by 2020, the SF SPCA has been one of the most efficient shelters in the country for decades. Not only did they start the nationally recognized no-kill movement, but they also have the lowest euthanasia rate of any major city in the United States. How do they do this? Volunteers. That’s where you come in. The SF SPCA receives over 1,400 volunteers a day, all with a love for animals and a passion for bettering the world. As a volunteer, you gain extensive training and support that’ll make you an expert in animal behavior!

Foster for Rocket Dog Rescue

At Rocket Dog Rescue, no dog is left behind. Rocket Dog Rescue is a non-profit group dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned animals in the bay area. As Rocket Dog Rescue does not have their own shelter, they rely solely on foster care to help rescue the dogs. Foster homes give unwanted dogs a safe space from the horror of high-kill shelters and abandonment. Additionally, foster parents help to provide leadership and guidance for the dogs to help best prepare them for adoption. This can range from training the dogs into new environments to helping promote and advertise them at adoption events and through social media. Interested? Check out their website for more info on how to help foster some furry friends.

Participate in a Wonder Dog Project

Wonder Dog Rescue has been putting in the work of saving lives for the past 26 years. From 6 weeks to 16 years old, Wonder Dog Rescue treats all of their recovered furry friends with love and care. Like Rocket Dog Rescue, Wonder Dog relies heavily on the use of foster homes to support their rescued animals. Through foster care, Wonder Dog is able to ready the dogs for several programs that will help to give them new life. For example, Pets for Vets connects rescued dogs and veterans. Through this program, rescued dogs are trained and paired with veterans as service dogs, creating an unbreakable bond between them. The program is mutually beneficial, as not only does the veteran receive friendship as they adjust back into society, but the dog also finds a forever home.

Donate to Family Dog Rescue

Family Dog Rescue is one of the most well-recognized animal shelters in San Francisco and even the nation. Each year, Family Dog Rescue saves more than 800 dogs from euthanasia, and have been doing so since 2010. While the animal shelter is extraordinarily efficient, they could not do so without the help of donations. Family Dog Rescue is 100% funded by donations, and thus relies heavily on the support of fellow animal lovers. Donations aren’t just by money, however. You can donate anything from dog supplies to bedding—anything to make the dogs feel more at home!


The best way to help animal shelters in San Francisco? Adopting. It can be a hard task, and one that certainly requires much time and energy. The payoff, however, is worth every penny. The famous question “who rescued who”, is one that applies to most who choose to adopt, myself included. When my two labradors passed away, my family was left distraught. We had no idea how to recover or what to do. Our vet tech then directed us to adopt; we rescued a little pitbull-mix named Allie from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. It goes without saying that she saved us. She quickly mended our broken hearts with her passion for life and endless love, something she would have been without had we not had the courage and patience to take her in. So, if you ever get the chance to adopt, take it. You can never know how much of an impact that choice will make on not only the dog, but you as well.

Ready to volunteer? Have you ever adopted? Share your story below! Let us know if you have any more advice on how to get involved with animal shelters in San Francisco. Need a group to go volunteer with? I can promise you’ll find the perfect animal-loving group on our GirlCrew app. Check it out!

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