PE Class Never Felt So Good

As the Spice Girls famously said, “people of the world, spice up your life” we’re bringing your sex life into 2018 with this PE class. And you could win yourself a Crescendo too. Closing date for entry is 14th February 2018.

PE – or physical education was a class many of us probably hated in school. The thoughts of changing into your sports gear in a cold locker room while your teenage self worried about any bit of her body being on show. The absolute trauma of having to run until your legs hurt and having a teacher yell at you. Ugh. I loved PE, but even I hated the under clothes shimmy. Worsened by the fact that our “changing room” was actually a disused basement toilets filled with chairs and general crap from around the school. Grim.

As an adult, you get to choose the physical activity – but the education part is still important. If you love the gym, you want a good personal trainer to make sure your form is right. Love to hike? You gotta pick the best footwear and maybe even have a guide or some buddies for routes you don’t know. Why would sex be any different? We’ve gathered some excellent adult PE lessons for 2018. We’ve also got a great competition going thanks to the folks over at Mystery Vibe – you can enter here – PE never felt so good.

1. Plan a Date

First things first – this doesn’t require a partner, but can of course include one…or more than one. Whatever the size – properly think about what you would most love to spend some time doing. What is sensuous and sexy to you? Is that something your significant other also loves? If not, take some time to chat about it and see if there’s crossover in what turns you both on. Lots of people find pleasure in someone else finding something sexy, so take that into consideration too – they might find something hot just because they know you love it.  No idea what gets you in the mood? Think back over some of the best sexual experiences of your life and see if you can pin-point what it was that made it so.

Don’t limit yourself either – what gets you out of your head and into your damn fine body might be far from any traditional norms – it doesn’t have to be “sexy” lingerie or role play. It could be a really fun night out dancing your butt off, maybe a stand up comedy gig makes you laugh, or maybe it’s a topic you are both passionate about. Having fun with someone, and really connecting, with them is the first step.

2. OMGYes to Sex

OMGYes is an incredible site that provides up to date research, information, help, advice and everything in between on women’s sexual pleasure. This isn’t just for you – this is for him, or her, too. Sure us women are complex creatures – that’s part of what makes us as freaking awesome as we are, but OMGYes want to help prevent that complexity being seen as something that is un-knowable. Something we can’t research or learn more about.

“Even doctors and experts throw up their hands and say ‘everyone’s different, you have to figure out what works for you or your partner’ as if that’s the end of the discussion. Since when has variability stopped human curiosity and research?” They want to be accurate, and reliable, and apparently their fanbase includes Emma Watson. The Sunday Times referred to it as, “Nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution.” It’s a one off payment for access to their 62 videos, and it helps fund their next round of research.

3. Take Things to a Crescendo

If it’s a solo evening you’re planning – there’s less to spend on dinner right? So why not treat yourself to something extra. Vibrators are nothing new, but they’ve come a long way. Crescendo is a wonder of technology and pleasure combined. If we don’t win you over, their super sweet and funny intro video probably will. Their toy is fully poseable – which means you can bend it to suit your shape. And it has independent motors in 6 different places – to allow you to feel what you need, where you need it. “With deep, rumbly vibrations from six powerful yet whisper-quiet motors, it’s no wonder Crescendo is consistently rated as one of the best sex toys for women, men and couples.” Need some inspiration to get started or just hate doing the thinking? Not a problem, they planned for that too. With Crescendo’s accompanying app, you can simply select a pre-made vibrational ‘playlist’. We’ve also got a Crescendo to give away to one lucky gal. Enter our private competition here.

4. Keep it Natural

Sex is a natural, organic, biological thing. So you might want anything else involved to be natural too. Sex Siopa offer a range of lubricants that are exactly that. The Sliquid range includes both water based and oil-based, to suit different types of play. Plus they’re organic and vegan friendly! Yaaass! And if you’re confused about exactly what you’re looking for, Sex Siopa are happy for you to email for help or advice. Sweet.

5. Last but not least – lingerie

Yes, it’s probably not the most original turn on ever, but feeling like a goddess in your undies does have a certain je ne sais quois about it. Rather than point you straight to the stores you already know, we’re also updating this PE lesson. There ARE bras out there for those of us who are very well endowed, and for those of us with chests almost as flat as pancakes.

All shapes and sizes are beautiful and never forget it – even if most of your local shops have essentially given your boob or chest size the cold shoulder. For larger ladies, check our who go up to a H cup. For the littler ladies, check out who go down to an AAA cup. Whatever side of the scale you are on, start by getting fitted properly. This will make sure you always feel your best no matter what you are wearing. 

These are just five easy ways to spice up your sex life, but really the list is endless. No matter what you do, make sure to stay safe, and have fun. Sure some games can be about testing and pushing limits but sex is something to be enjoyed, not endured. Getting informed is always the first step. Be sure to talk openly and honestly with any partners, and you’ll be surprised what a difference even that can make. Don’t forget we’ve also got a Crescendo toy to giveaway – simply pop your email address into this form and we’ll select one winner at random. Good luck, and enjoy!

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