Find Your Dream Job With GirlCrew And Jobbio

We all know the jobs market is tough. Yes, there are jobs but they can be hard to find. And it can be hard to even know where to begin. Well, we’ve got the solution. Why not make life a little easier and find your dream job with GirlCrew and Jobbio.

Find Your Dream Job With GirlCrew And Jobbio

A recent poll of our members showed a whopping 65.9% of respondents are actively seeking employment. So we thought that it was high time we gave a helping hand. To this end, we’ve teamed up with the folks over at Jobbio to bring you an exciting jobs channel. Making it even easier for you to find your dream job with GirlCrew and Jobbio.

Our recent poll threw up some shocks! 77.2%, of those who answered, are currently working in companies with no clear promotions structure. On top of that, 49.8% of respondents said they receive no additional benefits such as pension, health insurance etc. On the flip side with a staggering 88.2% saying these things are important it’s time to change things up. No longer will we stand for mediocre jobs. We want you to be brave and push your boundaries.

A quick glance at the Jobbio platform shows that these roles are the real deal. From a Marketing Manager position at Diageo to a PR Specialist at HubSpot. From CX Global Quality Manager at Airbnb to a Full Stack Developer position at TransferWise, there’s plenty to tickle your fancy. Not interested those roles, how about a Psychologist position at Spectrum Health? Or joining the legal team at Stripe? There’s loads of opportunities out there, and now they are in one place that’s easy for you to find.

GirlCrew and Jobbio

Unlike on other jobs sites, Jobbio is building us a bespoke curated channel. This will be populated with jobs that are built around your needs and preferences. So there’s no need to trawl through endless job sites. So finding your dream job with GirlCrew And Jobbio is already that little bit easier. On top of that, you can also check out the profiles of the companies displayed. This means that you’ll get a feel for them before you even apply. These things are a two-way street after all. Through the company profiles you can find out about the ethos of each employer. Get a feel for their values, and basically have a little snoop. With video, presentations, and bios included these go far beyond a simple intro. Perfect for anyone who is apprehensive about moving company.

And for those of you are thinking of changing in the future you can simply click the follow button to keep an eye on the channel at your leisure. And if you need some help with your CV along the way, why not ask our Careers group? With thousands of women across the globe coming together to chat about work these ladies know a thing or two about getting your foot in the door no matter what the industry.  So, why not pop over to the GirlCrew channel have a browse and find your dream job with GirlCrew and Jobbio. It really is as simple as that. Best of luck, we’re all rooting for you!

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