Farm to Table Restaurants in San Francisco

Farm to Table Restaurants in San Francisco

There is something so satisfying knowing that your food is sustainable and organic, but it is even better when it is deliciously prepared. Farm to Table restaurants in San Francisco has become a new way of life for locals. The need to care more about our environment and the sustainability of our food is becoming more important. Wanting to join this movement? No one should have to enjoy a great meal alone, and with GirlCrew Premium we’re always keeping an eye out for fab new spots to eat. Keep reading to see our favorite Farm to Table restaurants in San Francisco.

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Bluestem Brasserie

Bluestem Brasserie is a sleek, upscale establishment in the downtown San Francisco neighborhood. Modeled similar to a typical urban Los Angeles restaurant, this farm-to-table eatery is a must. Everything in their restaurant is locally sourced in California, from their grass-fed beef to their Sonoma and Napa Valley wine selection. If you love brunch as much as I do, then you have to go and try their delicious and unique brunch burger, or come for dinner to enjoy their popular truffle fries or bone marrow. But you definitely cannot leave this place without grubbing on some of their creatively spectacular desserts, like the Honolulu Hangover.

Farm : Table

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Farm : Table is a cute little micro-cafe which has not only perfected the art of coffee, but their small menu of cafe bites as well. Their breakfast egg sandwich is an absolute must; you can taste the freshness of the eggs, and you can’t go wrong with their mouthwatering daily toast. Their entire cafe menu is made from locally sourced, sustainable, homemade products.


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The great thing about RICH TABLE is that it is a modern restaurant that wants to combine the comfortability of dining at home with friends and family with expertly crafted food that will create a unique dining experience. Sourced from only the best farms, their menu is absolutely inspired and changes often. Highly recommended is the Chef’s Menu, prepared by Sarah and Evan Rich, who are the dynamic duo here to make your dining experience as wonderful as possible.

STEM Kitchen & Garden

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STEM Kitchen and Garden is true to the idea of farm to table. Their produce is sourced straight from the on-site garden to use in their Californian-Mediterranean inspired menu. Not only does STEM provide delicious food made from seasonal and local ingredients but their venue ensures a truly great time. Come spend the evening dining in their outdoor patio, or garden, play bocce ball, or warm up by the fire pits while overlooking the San Francisco bay. A perfect spot to chill and enjoy with new-found friends.

Flour + Water

For all you Italian lovers out there, Flour + Water is the place for you. Their locally sourced and seasonal products are incorporated into their skillfully perfected pasta, wood-fired pizza, and other specialty dishes. Their menu changes daily, so you can always come back and try something new. This Farm to Table restaurant in San Francisco is a must, and will leave you excited to return.

Sons & Daughters

This Michelin star farm to table restaurant is highly pursued, but more challenging to get due to their limited 28 seats, but it is totally worth the wait. Sons & Daughters has built strong relationships with local farmers over the years and gets only the best resources the bay area has to offer. Come dine on their nine-course tasting menu, which has been perfectly paired with their wine selection. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and keeps you entertained with their open kitchen layout. It is no wonder this is one of the best Farm to Table restaurants in San Francisco. 


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Outerlands is a small farm to table restaurant that heavily supports other small business, by choosing quality merchants in the bay area. Come dine on breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner (or all of the above), because the food here for every course is well worth the visit. Outerlands ensures that they are partnering with a business who use sustainable practices. Outerlands mission is heavily influenced by bettering the larger community, from serving their patrons to putting care into their staffs well-being, as well as the community and environment around them.

What are you waiting for? Come dine at these delicious Farm to Table restaurants in San Francisco today! Thanks to the environmental and economical benefits that the Farm to Table Movement is having, these small improvements are starting to payoff. Who knew eating out could be so productive and enjoyable? Are we missing your go to Farm to Table restaurant in the San Francisco area? Let us know below! If you are looking for more ways to be sustainable in San Francisco, look at the best places to thrift near you. If you can’t find what you need at the thrift stores, we know where to find it all at these outlet stores in San Francisco! Find yourself a squad through GirlCrew and enjoy all these great places in San Francisco.

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