Evolution of a Career – Continued

The Evolution of a Career - Continued

Your career should continually evolve; learning something new will keep your interests and motivation levels high. I shared advice on how to accelerate that evolution a last week; here I share some further pointers:

Network- take it online, take it offline

Raise your profile within your industry and surround yourself with like-minded people. Networking via events, Meetups and digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter can expose you to a plethora of contacts.

Be gutsy and introduce yourself to the decision makers, the influencers: CEOs, HR Managers or Sales Directors; whether it’s referrals, volunteering, shadowing or employment opportunities, ultimately they can share new knowledge, tips and advice to help you climb that career ladder.

Join industry bodies and membership groups

Accountancy, surveying and engineering are some careers that require a professional qualification to practice. With a professional qualification come industry bodies and groups; whether it’s the CIM, RIBA or IPA, a professional body gives you a formal route for qualification, information on exams, assessment criteria, competencies and experience required.

Use your kicks to drive your focus

Muay Thai boxing, kite surfing or football coaching; your outside interests can equip you with new skills and give you that confidence boost to drive your career forward.

For instance, my early morning gym routine has taught me discipline, the negotiation skills you might develop to coax ex-offenders into taking part in therapy can compliment you in your day-to-day job.

Use those outside interests to your advantage.

Re-re-wind…back to school

Could you fix gadgets and wire your brain around tech talk, did you get snap-happy with a Polaroid or were you the go-to friend for relationship dramas? Whether you’re a strategist, creative, planner or innovator, you have a set of skills that are valuable.

Are there any patterns in the skills and subjects you excelled in? Cast your mind back to your younger years, think about which skills you have, which subjects you enjoyed at school and how you can apply those to the big, bad world of work.

Keep pushing

Focus on your end goal; remember you’ll have good days, bad days, your motivation will rise and fall, you’ll get criticism, you’ll hear no’s… how you bounce back will determine how hard you keep pushing.

Leverage your crew

GirlCrew also offers a range of groups that are aimed at those looking to advance their careers with the aptly named GirlCrew Careers and GirlCrew Entrepreneurs groups. If you’re based in Dublin make sure you also check out the hugely popular GirlCrew Pro events series, with a range of high-profile speakers, this all female panel has hosted the likes of Clodagh Logue, HR Director Microsoft Ireland, Avril Copeland, CEO of Tickerfit, and Kathy Foley, Content Marketing Manager at Twitter. The date for the next event is set for August 25th 2016, and tickets can be bought here.

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