Emerging Female Artists You Should Know

Since this month we’re focusing on the work of amazing women, why not check out these emerging female artists who are tipped for great things. 

Making this list was genuinely so hard/so much fun so while they are numbered that’s merely a visual guide and is in no way reflective of our grá for each of these artists. They are also by no means the only women out there smashing boundaries, and mic dropping all over the shop. It’s a little late for new years resolutions so instead here’s a challenge – each fortnight try to listen to one new emerging female artist that you haven’t listened to before. Not only will you be supporting women in the arts you’ll also get bragging rights over your friends for introducing them to so many great new acts.

1. Kari Faux – Los Angeles/Little Rock, USA (rapper/singer)

American rapper/singer Kari Faux is killing it in both the music and the fashion stakes. With a smooth conversational style, quippy wit and great beats she’s carving her own niche in the rap game. Having caught the attention of both Donald Glover and Issa Rae – Glover remixed Kari’s track “No Small Talk” for his own mixtape “STN MTN”, and is behind some of the music for HBO’s Insecure – keep an eye on her, as she’s definitely tipped for big things.

2. Jorja Smith – Walsall, England (neo soul/R&B)

Jorja has been creating a quiet storm over the last year or so, but that doesn’t mean she should be underestimated. Featuring on tracks by Drake, collaborations with Stormzy, picking up a Brit award, a MOBO nomination, plenty of press, and a 2018 UK tour means the music world is keeping a close eye on this artist.

3. Billie Eilish – LA, USA (Electronic/Pop)

Billie Eilish is described as pop, but forget bubblegum and cutesy. This is dark, moody, with an edge that veers from throbbing electronic percussion to a fuzzy vulnerability – with a razor edge. Her debut EP was released just last year, and at the ripe old age of 16 she’s already been signed to Interscope records. With a stylized bold aesthetic, it won’t be long until Billie is a staple on the festival circuits.

4. Maria Kelly – Mayo, Ireland (Alternative/Indie/Folk)

Following in the footsteps of so many other incredible female singer/songwriters Maria Kelly’s voice has a haunting quality to it that reminds you of the wind in the wilds. From a quiet ebb to a wild soar, her story-telling abilities combine to create tracks that are full of atmosphere. You also get the feeling that we’re only seeing a tiny glimpse and there’s far more to come. The last two years have seen Maria grace stages at the Great Escape, Electric Picnic and Other Voices.

5. Yaeji – New York, USA (Electronic)

Her look is ridiculously low-key chill but her music is frankly, whopper. If you’re looking for some bangers that are dripping with bass with a sprinkle of hip hop then Yaeji is your girl. With a rap-like flow Yaeji looks at issues like identity, anxiety and societal pressures. Yet there’s a sense of humour in them. A tongue in cheek look at the 21st century. Apparently Yaeji also has a penchant for serving curry at her gigs, which is a winner in my book.

6. Skye Wallace – Vancouver, Canada (Folk Rock)

It was a tough decision to decide which track to include here, but as BLOOD MOON was the first of hers that I came across figured I should go with that. Her songs blend deeply personal stories, strong lyrics, and emotive music. Moving from atmospheric, ethereal tracks to songs that are designed to get people up and moving Skye Wallace crosses styles with ease. Creating music that you won’t easily forget and can always come back to.

7. The Aces – Utah, USA (Pop/Indie Rock)

Formerly known as The Blue Aces, The Aces are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Provo, Utah. Fans of HAIM are bound to love this band, as there is a definite crossover in terms of musical approach. But they are carving out their own sound too. Having played together since they were in middle school, you can expect a fine combo of guitar melodies, a strong bass line with classic pop hooks and an enigmatic stage performance from singer, Cristal.

8. foxgluvv – London, England (Electronic/Pop)

I can’t remember how I came across foxgluvv, but that doesn’t matter. With a moody, dreamy sound this music is perfect for turning down the lights and having a dance. Described as hungover-pop, there’s a strong 80’s influence and synth work that we love. She has only three tracks out so far, but keep an eye out as we’re sure there’s more to come.

9. Lyra – Cork, Ireland

Fans of ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘Striking Out’, and ‘Dancing with the Stars Ireland’, will undoubtedly have heard this name before. Hailing from the People’s Republic, Cork native Lyra has been likened to acts like Florence and the Machine. And with her strong vocal, and use of percussion it’s not heard to see why. With a soaring vocal and a distinctive haunting singing style expect to hear a lot more from Lyra in future.

10. Ali Barter – Melbourne, Australia (Electronic/Indie Rock)

With great guitar chops, and a smashing vocal, Ali Barter has been a firm favourite in the Melbourne music scene. Best known for her 2016 single, Girlie Bits, Ali’s songs cross a variety of genres blending and has a grungey element that works nicely with her unashamedly femme soprano vocal.

These are just ten female emerging artists that we love, but what about yours? Have you stumbled across a new talent that you’re dying to share? We’re always on the hunt for new music so let us know which artists you’ve on repeat in the comments. Don’t forget to check us out on Spotify where we share some of our favourite artists. You can also check out some fantastic films with female leads here.

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