Don’t Let The Scales Dictate Your Mood

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? Do you jump on the scales to see what weight you are? For so many women, what that number is will have a major impact on their mood and their self-esteem for the rest of the day.

Don't let the scales dictate your mood

Don’t Let The Scales Dictate Your Mood

As a serial-dieter, I’ve been to many weight loss classes. Every week I see women standing on the scale and who are disappointed because they “only” lost half a pound or maybe even a pound. Or maybe they gained a pound or two. You can see by their faces how annoyed they are. They sit in the meeting, but their heart isn’t in it. You can tell that a part of them has given up. It’s going to take a Herculean effort for them to stay on track this week and make healthy choices.

Why this frustrates me is that they may have lost every week up until that point! Or they are losing on average a pound every week – even when you take into account the weeks they had gains! People are often too focused on any single week, rather than the overall journey. They lose sight of the amazing progress they’ve made because of one “bad” weigh-in. Soon they let it spiral for no reason and begin to regain the weight.

Why let a number on the scales totally derail all the progress you’ve made up until that point? Anytime you are faced with a number on the scales you are disappointed in – look at the previous 6 weeks. Did you lose every other week? Have you roughly maintained your weight over that period (that is a win too! If you are not actively gaining weight you are in a better place than when you were consistently gaining)

Why Scales Are Not The Answer

I used to experience this roller coaster of emotion on the scales. In my previous attempts I would let the scales have too much control over my feelings and when I would become frustrated – I would start to comfort eat and then quit my weight loss programme! All because I had a couple of “bad” weeks on the scale. I had totally forgotten about the progress I had made up until that point.

But the worst thing about using the scales as a measurement of whether you are succeeding or not is that you really have very little control over your body. There will be weeks that you might be bloated, you will have your period, you’ve might have had the flu, your muscles are in recovery after a strenuous workout – whatever it is, it will have an impact on the number on the scales.

So instead of saying ‘I’m going to lose 2lbs this week’ (which you can’t really control), it’s of far more benefit to say ‘I’m going to workout 4 days this week’. This is a goal that you have control over. It is entirely up to you to make the time to get those workouts in. By the end of the week, you will know if you succeeded in your goal or not.

If you take on this mindset where you commit to goals that you have control over it means you don’t live and die by the scales – a gain won’t hurt you.

If you want to succeed – don’t let the scales dictate your mood!

Do you have advice for anyone who is obsessed with the number they see on the scales? Please comment below and share your thoughts.

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