Connect Today, Lead Tomorrow #WEcan

Connect Today, Lead Tomorrow #WEcan

WE can! is an evening for women in all stages of their start-up journey, bringing speakers, mentors and innovators together in the heart of Dublin city.


Connect Today, Lead Tomorrow #WEcan


These days it can seem like the landscape is filled with women in X events, but it’s important that this conversation is continued and that this support system is introduced at every step of the journey. Focusing on those who are already established, or already have a path mapped out can mean that those starting out are overlooked. At GirlCrew we see all too often that women can be their own harshest critics, imposter syndrome is rife and even those building a business empire can face doubts. With that in mind when we came across the concept of WE can!, we thought it sounded like a great initiative to get involved in.

In order to help women at all stages of the start-up journey Connect the Dots have partnered with Accenture to create a female-focused event as part of the Leaders of Tomorrow programme; a competition that aims to help develop and nurture the ideas of third level students, and recent graduates, across Ireland. Naomi Murphy, co-founder at Connect the Dots, says  “We are really excited to work on this event in partnership with Accenture. We are bringing our co creation methodology to the event. We’ve gotten amazing numbers already and a wait list, so hopefully will keep on going with such events as there seems to be a gap that it’s filling”. To that end WE can! is an evening of speakers, mentors and coming together to help young women develop their business ideas. Unlike at similar events this isn’t just a panel discussion, as attendees will have the chance to learn from other women in various industries and have the opportunity to speak with them at small table discussions.

Along with Áine Mulloy, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer here at GirlCrew, speakers on the night will include:

  • Lucinda Kelly, founder and CEO at Popertee – an online marketplace that connects brands with the right space for pop-ups and events
  • Louise Dunne and Niamh McHugh, co-founders at MyPucker – an online platform that allows customers to book and pay for beauty treatments from a whole host of freelance professionals
  • Jennifer Hourihane, founder at Oathello – a network that connects lawyers and notaries allowing legal documents to be sworn or notarised in minutes
  • Mary Zweifel, co-founder at Moonfolk – an online period subscription service that also provides support to women in need
  • Nikki Lannen, founder and CEO at Warducks – a mobile virtual reality games studio

Accenture We can!


By encouraging attendees to chart their current journey, Naomi say this approach will help them to be aware of where they are in their own journey. This will provide the speakers with a background knowledge and help them to provide practical insights. For Naomi this is vital as attendees will already by thinking about “…what there key challenges are, what they like and don’t like about similar events, how comfortable they are with networking – so that we can make the event as tailored to them as possible and make the environment as productive and comfortable as we can  – to really squeeze all the potential out of the event.”

For those who are interested in attending this event on November 3rd you can sign up for the wait list here. Or, you can follow the insights from the night on Twitter by following #WEcan.

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