Coffee Companies in San Francisco

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What makes a great cup of coffee? It’s not all about the taste. Yes, that’s pretty important, but the greatness also derives itself from the sustainable efforts of the production of the coffee. Therefore, you’re able to not only have a cup of joe that just tastes great but also saves the world as well! Join us at GirlCrew in our initiative to be the brave, a friend and an ally to world-changing sustainability efforts like the coffee companies in San Francisco we’ve found and love below!

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Beacon Coffee and Pantry

Step into the vibrant north beach neighborhood of San Francisco and indulge in the all-natural coffee at Beacon Coffee and Pantry. At this bright little cafe, everything is locally sourced. From homemade sandwiches to pastries by Firebrand. You can even purchase cooking utensils and equipment recommended by the owners right in the store!

Saint Frank Coffee

Inspired by Saint Francis, Saint Frank Coffee aims to continue his vision by embracing the good in life and the people in it. They source their coffee through a direct relationship with their international producers. In other words, they develop strong relationships from seed to cup. Be sure to try their popular Little Brother Espresso, made with milk chocolate and hints of honey and almonds!

Four Barrel Coffee

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Four Barrel Coffee is an independent locally-owned coffee roastery in San Francisco. With producers in Latin America, Indonesia and East Africa, Four Barrel Coffee has developed relationships with all of their workers to ensure ethically-sourced beans—and that’s not all they do. Four Barrel Coffee takes care of their workers, anywhere from helping a 900-person co-op build a schoolhouse in Ethiopia to spending several months in their production locations to get to know their workers. This delicious coffee roastery truly takes developing relationships with workers to an admirable level.

The Plant Cafe Organic

Sustainability is at the heart of The Plant Cafe Organic. Everything made at this comfy cafe is 100% organic, and all of the produce and goods are locally sourced. Not only is this cafe great for eco-friendly coffee, but The Plant Cafe Organic also serves up all-natural smoothies and lunches that make for a great afternoon atmosphere.

Blue Bottle Coffee

At Blue Bottle Coffee, it is all about the freshness. Through years of testing, the owners realized that the way to ensure freshness of coffee is to serve it within 48 hours of roasting. Therefore, Blue Bottle Coffee follows this conclusion to a tee. Working directly with farmers around the world, this warm and kind cafe has certainly earned its name as one of the best coffee companies in San Francisco.

Hearth Coffee Roasters

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Hearth Coffee Roasters is widely known for their famous and organic single-origin coffees. With farm to table food, this coffee shop is a great place to stop to not only wake you up, but to also fill you up with their great breakfast and lunch options. Hearth Coffee famously pairs their coffees with their pastries and baked goods so you are sure to always make a great decision!

Equator Coffee & Teas

At Equator Coffees, it’s about social responsibility. With B-Corporation Certification, Equator Coffees has been globally recognized for their efforts for being a force for good. They improve the quality of life world-wide—from empowering girls and women in Zimbabwe to supporting women’s land rights in Nicaragua—making Equator Coffees one of the most ethically sound coffee companies in San Francisco, and in the world. With seven locations across the bay area, you can’t miss this great coffee shop.

Do you have you caffeine fix yet? Like our choices? Let us know if we missed any of your favorites below. In the meantime, be sure to download our GirlCrew app for most tips on sustainability in the San Francisco area.

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