Christmas Gift Guide 2016

The GirlCrew Christmas Gift Guide is the perfect list for gift inspiration this Christmas!

GirlCrew Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is just around the corner, but if like me, you have not yet even started your shopping you might be hitting panic stations. To help alleviate some of the stress, we’ve trawled the streets/the web to find our top  picks for the festive season.  And, if also like me, you spot something you’d love for yourself we suggest slipping this list into your family Whatsapp as a not-so-subtle hint.

Brain Food

Books are one of THE BEST gifts you can give, but we think it’s always best to let the person choose for themselves. This might sound a bit of a cop-out, but one year I was presented with a copy of Twilight – “…because I know you like reading dark books!” I was not impressed to say the least. Most readers also love wandering around a bookshop picking out the perfect titles. We recommend dodging the bigger chains for this one, and popping to your local independent shop to grab a voucher. If you want to make sure they have something to unwrap, why not also pick up a fancy notebook and pen so they can jot down their own ideas too.

And, if you really don’t want to buy a voucher, we recommend Swing Time by Zadie Smith, or The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close.

Actual Food

And for dessert? Stuffing your face is an integral part of Christmas so no Christmas gift guide could leave it out. If you’re looking for something sweet, GirlCrew member, Kasha Connolly, has you covered. Hazel Mountain Chocolate, is a “boutique bean to bar chocolate factory and shop in the Burren Mountains [and] is one of the smallest and most remote chocolate factories in the world.” Local, and delicious – win win! Visit their website here.


For the music junkie

This one is a bit of cheat, but it’s also well worth the money. A Spotify subscription is a quick and handy gift for the music fan in your life. If you’re feeling extra generous you could also spend some time setting up playlists and follow lists – but that’s up to you 😉

 Something shiny(ish)

Ok, so her pieces aren’t technically shiny but they make a perfect gift. If you’ve wandered around a Dublin craft market of late, it’s likely that you will have seen the work of Betzy Medina. Betzy runs a lovely stall, and Etsy store, selling a range of gorgeous pieces that are light-weight and biodegradable. Predominantly using geometric designs, these handmade pieces are inspired by the Caribbean Ocean.What tops these off is that not only is Betzy a GirlCrew member, but her ware are also really affordable while still packing a serious design punch.


Something shiny 2.0

Now, this lady is definitely on the ultimate wishlist as her products are high-end. Perhaps get the fam-jam to club together and splash out. However, Eily O’Connell’s pieces are amazing contemporary designs that are totally drool-worthy. The use of natural materials mixed with precious metals means these pieces are perfect for people who like to make a statement. If you’re feeling generous, we’ve got our eye on the Crab Claw necklace, but check out the Sunbark rings. Be-a-ut-iful.

The catwalk is calling

For those who prefer things a little sleeker, these Rise-up heels from Folkster are to die for! Sourced from L.A. these vegan-friendly shoes are perfect when you need a little under-stated glamour in your life. Folkster also ship worldwide. Winning!


Relax and unwind

Compiling lots of little things is another great way to build the perfect gift. The fab folks over at Native Crib celebrate the best of British makers and designers. Not only that, but the company is also run by a GirlCrew member, Torie Chloe. So by buying their products you are helping the crew too. Native Crib focuses on  “beautifully handcrafted interiors – up-cycled, recycled or handmade, and ethically sourced.” On top of this, 10% of sales also go to help those in need, so this is a truly lovely company to buy from. We recommend making a hamper full of their bath and skincare products, for  the perfect post-food-coma treat.

Something different

Christmas is a great time to pick up something for  the home. Alanna Plekkenpol’s painted tiles are sure to delight those with a creative streak. By combining found imagery, stark white tiles, and a sleek palette these items are a great way to add a luxurious pop to your home. The prices vary widely too, with some of the larger pieces commanding higher prices – but we think these individual tiles would make a perfect gift. Added brownie points for the lovely packaging.

One for the smallies

Most of us have a little person in our lives, either our own children, a niece, nephew, or other little one we want to spoil red-rotten. The award-winning Cognikids, by GirlCrew member, Ollwyn Moran, is the perfect gift for these bundles of joy. Cognikids boasts a range of products that “encourage babies to develop their own brains through movement and activity.”

Bonus gift! A GirlCrew special

So we’ve come to the end of our Christmas Gift Guide but we had to leave you with this one, as it’s extra special. GirlCrew Premium is launching in January 2017, but sign-up is open now. We’re kicking things off with a three month trial, that is exclusive to those of you in Dublin.

GirlCrew Premium will give members access to exclusive hosted events, as well as freebies, goodies, and discounts. It’s a great way to get out, meet new people, and have wonderful experiences in Dublin. When you’re getting one for a friend, you might as well get one for yourself too. Events will be kicking off in January so it’s the perfect treat to enjoy into the New Year. Sign up here!

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