Cheats Guide to a Healthy Life

2018 is all about self care and making those pesky healthy choices that everyone keeps harping on about. Not bothered? We’ve got a cheat sheet.

I’ll admit it, I’m not “healthy”. I hate gyms, I don’t really exercise in the true sense of the word and my diet veers from what’s this thing left in the fridge to five year old left in a sweet shop overnight. Combined with a rather chaotic busy social life means things often get put on the back burner. It’s not uncommon for me to skip lunch but then gorge on 3am pizza. Last year I decided to give myself a kick in the arse, and it pains me to admit that adults are right. However, I’m never going to turn into a health nut so a “Cheats Guide to a Healthy Life” is right up my street.

Walk More

Not being able to drive has made walking a necessity for me, but it’s a great way to get in some exercise without hauling yourself to the gym. I generally walk everywhere to/from work, to/from the shop, to/from the pub….and so on. This isn’t feasible for everyone but where possible try switching out other transport methods for walking. It could be something simple like jumping off the bus a couple of stops early or taking the stairs instead of a lift. Plus you’ll get time to scope out hotties/cute dogs in your area or stop for scenic insta pics that highlight how fit and healthy you are now.

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Get More Sleep

Now, I’m all about getting out and about, and I used to scoff at friends who were diligently in bed on school nights. But now, I’m a convert. True, I’ve only converted Sun-Thurs (unless there’s something on) and the weekend is generally still a sleepless shambles but getting enough shut-eye before the morning comes to smack you in the face is great. I generally try to be in bed by 10:30 with lights off by 11/11:30. This will still be late for some but it’s a huge improvement from my bleary-eyed 2am social media trawls or Facebook video voids. If you’re wondering what time you should go to bed, check out the Sleep Calculator – it’s basically like your mum.


If you cut my veins open, salt will pour out. I’ve been known to eat it straight from the shaker, and drink soy sauce by the spoonful. In a bid to be slightly healthier I’ve started to sub out crisps and sub in more fruits and nuts. Don’t be limited – boiled eggs, cured meats, crackers, hummus, or carrot sticks are all perfect for bringing on the go with you. Pre-packed foods from shops are laced with salt and sugars. Instead throw an extra portion of dinner in the pot and bring your own lunch to work. Plus by bringing your own food you’ll save money over buying them in shops. While doing the environment a solid by using less packaging.

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Drink More Water

We’ve all heard various stories about drinking water being good for your skin, and organs, and generally being alive. And well, there seems to be some science behind it. But if I’m truly honest with myself I still don’t drink enough. One tip that I’ve found handy is having a refillable bottle on my desk (glass, of course, environmental babez) and two more at home. I used to have one by my bed but invariably I’d leave it downstairs and not be bothered going back down for it. Or leave it upstairs and not be bothered to go up for it. Having two means I’m more likely to have one in the kitchen when I need it. Bringing water with you will also encourage you to drink less fizzy drinks. And as the more you drink, the lighter your bag becomes so that’s a bonus. Plus I hate wasting water so pouring out a full bottle of it is a no-no for me.

This Cheats Guide to a Healthy Life genuinely couldn’t be easier. Effectively very basic changes that will result in feeling better, less headaches, fresher skin, and an overall feeling of smugness. If you’ve any cheats let us know in the comments – I need them – or check in with our Fitness and Wellness group on the app.

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