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Why Freelancers Need to Build a Network

Working as a freelancer can be a tough road, but building a network can make things easier. From collaborating to help clients, to just chatting with others in the same boat coming together makes life easier.

GirlCrew Pro 9: Social Innovation & Working for Change

Panelists speaking to group at careers event Dublin
GirlCrew Pro 9 will take a specific focus, highlighting those working in careers, organisations, and groups that aim to improve the world by increasing diversity, equality, and opportunities; particularly for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The Power of Asking And Offering

a group of women sitting on a bench chatting
#Ask/#Offer is a new initiative that we're launching to make it even easier for members to make the most of GirlCrew. Read on to find out how you can leverage it to smash your goals and help others achieve theirs too.

San Francisco Escape Rooms

San Francisco Escape Rooms
Escape rooms are a fun and unique way to show off your skills and make memories that will last a lifetime. Grab your friends and see if your team can beat the clock to escape with your lives!