Panelists speaking to group at careers event Dublin

GirlCrew Pro 9: Social Innovation & Working for Change

GirlCrew Pro 9 will take a specific focus, highlighting those working in careers, organisations, and groups that aim to improve the world by increasing diversity, equality, and opportunities; particularly for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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WTF is Up With the Comments Section?

Too often in life the default is anger or contempt when it could be kindness. We don’t tolerate this is children so why are adults allowed run amok in the comments section.

7 Pieces of Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Women have changed the dynamic of the workplace. We’re agents for change. If you don’t believe it, check out this sage advice from female entrepreneurs. Today, women are vying for top positions and making an indelible mark as formidable leaders. We’re no longer relegated to roles as secretaries or lower end professionals. A 21st century woman …

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