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San Francisco Farmers Market

The Best San Francisco Farmers’ Market

Do you love buying local and supporting your community? Do you enjoy delicious, fresh, organic and artisanal products? Do you love spending your day shopping, listening to great music and socializing? We feel you!

Millennium park in Chicago at dusk

Things to do in Chicago at Night

Chicago is an awesome city. With so many things to do. If you fancy yourself a bit of a night owl, however, it can be hard to get your friends to go to things you want to go to. That’s why GirlCrew is perfect. Make new friends and start checking out some fun things to do in Chicago at night.

rail of clothing Thrift Stores in Portland

Thrift Stores in Portland

Thrift shopping takes normal shopping to a whole new level. Thrift stores not only help to give you a unique personal style, but each purchase you make helps someone or something in the process. This shopping phenomenon is taking over the nation, and you can take part by checking out our top thrift stores in Portland.

whale breaking the surface of the water

Alcohol Free Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver has so many activities to do but sometimes you would like to take a break from the alcohol-related ones and try something new. Here are 10 alcohol-free activities to do in Vancouver

Best Vintage Stores in Austin

Vintage Stores in Austin

Looking to create your own unique style? Vintage shopping is a great ethical option to upgrade your wardrobe while valuing the creativity of our past. Click to check out some of our favorite vintage stores in Austin.