The Best Business Podcasts – Or How I Turned My Commute Into My Own Free MBA.

Do you find yourself commuting for hours every week? Are you listening to the same Spotify playlist every time you go to the gym? It could be time to delve into the world of business podcasts.

Best business podcasts

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How I turned my commute into my own personal university

I used to have a daily commute of 45 minutes each way when I worked in the city. I would be stuck on a jam-packed bus, heading to my job and wondering was this what it was going to be like for the rest of my working life? A very depressing thought on a Monday morning! But that all changed when I discovered business podcasts. Now I had the chance to learn new and interesting things that I had never found the time before to discover. Over the weeks and months, I was able to turn my daily commute into my own free university. With all this new info I was able to set up my own business, something I could have never done without podcasts. So if you dream of quitting your day job and becoming your own boss, here are a few podcasts that I would recommend!

Great business podcasts

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

I think this is what we all dream of – being able to make money while we sit on the beach and drink mojitos! Pat Flynn’s podcast is all about finding ways to create income sources that don’t need constant attention.

For example, Pat had studied architecture and while trying to pass an architecture industry called the LEED exam, he put his notes online. After some time he realised that his website was getting a lot of visitors and decided to repackage his notes as a downloadable ebook and sell it for $19.99. Within the first month, he made $7,008.55.

This is what passive income is all about. Doing the work up front and having it pay off well into the future. Pat interviews people that have set up passive income streams and also explains ways of maximising their potential. Pat is not a sleazy salesman. He is a down to earth guy that has been able to create a life for his family while working from home. So if you’d love to find ways to make a little extra income every month, don’t click on those spam ads you find on Facebook – listen to this podcast instead!

Side Hustle School with Chris Guillbeau

If you are thinking ‘I’d love to generate passive income’, but have no idea what you could do – Side Hustle School is the next podcast you should download! These podcast episodes are super short, all less than 10 minutes long. So no matter how quick your commute, you can squeeze one into your day! In each episode, Chris shares a different story of how someone has started a side business. This should help to inspire you with ideas that you could use in your life. You’ll be amazed at the various ways normal people are making money.

StartUp Podcast by Gimlet Media

The first season of the StartUp podcast has become one of my favourite podcasts ever! In the first season, it follows a guy named Alex as he tries to set up a podcast network. Alex records every aspect of the journey – from pitching to investors to candid conversations with his wife. Over the season you become completely invested with how it will all turn out. It’s so compelling that ABC are creating a tv show inspired by the podcast with Zach Braff playing the role of Alex. Definitely check this out if you love to have a look behind the scenes at how podcasts are made.

Courage and Clarity by Fizzle FM

In this podcast the host, Steph Crowder interviews women that have taken the risk to start their own business and gets them to open up about the struggles and realities of being their own boss. What I love about this podcast is that they divide each interview into two episodes. So on the first episode, they deep dive into the moment that the interviewee decides that it’s time to start their own business. Here you hear all about the struggle and doubt that so many of us wrestle with every day. And on the second episode, the interviewee gives actionable advice and strategy in their field of expertise.

In a world where so many of startups are full of ‘tech-bros‘, it’s great to hear the refreshing honesty and bravery these women have to share!

Being Boss by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

If you are a creative individual, you might find a lot of business advice to be boring and restrictive. The advice doesn’t take into account your personality. Being Boss could be the podcast for you. This podcast is aimed at creative entrepreneurs, the people who don’t think you need to wear a suit to do business. I love this podcast because Emily and Kathleen embrace the more ‘woo woo’ sides (their words) of business. So if you want to use tarot cards or factor in the moon cycles when making a business decision, this podcast will encourage you to be yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, they also talk about the nitty gritty of business. But this podcast shows there is no one way to be a business woman. Once you doing the work, you are an entrepreneur. Plus, I love Emily and Kathleen’s ‘get shit done’ attitude. Honestly listening to this podcast is like talking business over cocktails with your girlfriends!

Spiderworking with Amanda Webb

If your have your side hustle started, you’re going to need to market it to the rest of the world. Amanda’s podcast is perfect if you are a total newbie to digital marketing and need step by step instructions on how to get noticed on social media and the web. What makes this one of the best marketing and blogging podcasts out there is that Amanda breaks down everything into actionable advice and provides listeners with detailed show notes so you have everything you need when you want to incorporate one of her strategies.

Another part of Amanda’s story that I love is that she is not based in a major city. So many times we use the excuse that we are not near major bustling cities so there is no way we could succeed. Amanda shows that with just commitment and an internet connection to the rest of the world, you can get noticed

Vlog Boss Radio with Amy Schmittauer

Video is taking over the internet and if you want to get your business noticed, you’re going to have to get comfortable on camera. Amy is behind the YouTube channel ‘Savy Sexy Social’. Here on her podcast, she gives advice on how to be confident on camera, how to grow your personal brand through video and so much more. Video on Facebook is kinda like the Wild West with everyone trying to stake a claim and get noticed. The tips Amy gives should help you produce the best possible video and get your business out there.

What podcasts do you listen to? Have you any recommendations? I’d love if you shared them in the comments below!

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