Be Seen, Be Heard and Make a Difference: ‘Inspiring Woman’ Mindful Leadership Programme, Dublin

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” – Dalai Lama

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Inspiring Woman is an incredible programme developed by Dr. Shirley Graham, that combines mindful leadership models, feminist philosophy and creative processes to empower women and girls to become leaders, change agents and history makers and two of these programmes will begin in Dublin this month.

In Shirley Graham’s own words, “We are living through a time of rapid change, where women in particular are being called to stand up and speak out about the issues we are passionate about.”

Inspiring Woman takes the form of three one-day workshops encompassing the three main elements of what you’ll explore – Becoming Authentic, Becoming Courageous, and Becoming Inspiring. These might be qualities you desire for yourself and your own happiness, or they might be qualities you want to embody to serve others. Whatever your motivation to attend, we’re sure the rewards will ooze seamlessly into both aspects of your life regardless!

The workshops are designed to interlock and build on each other to clarify and support the achievement of your highest vision and goals through a structured, step-by-step process. Workshops from each programme are interchangeable, so if there’s a date you can’t make within one, you can substitute it with a day in the other.

Programme 1, Dublin Holistic Centre, 28 South William St, Dublin 2

  1. Authentic Woman, Be Seen: September 19th, 10-5pm
  2. Courageous Woman, Be Heard: October 25th, 10-5pm
  3. Inspiring Woman, Make a Difference: November 22nd, 10-5pm

Programme 2, Tai Chi Studio, Pleasant Street, Dublin 8

  1. Authentic Woman, Be Seen: Sunday 27th September, 10-5pm
  2. Courageous Woman, Be Heard: 18th October, 10-5pm
  3. Inspiring Woman: 15th November, 10-5pm

Cost: €450 Value: Priceless! Plus Special 15% Discount for Girl Crew members. Workshops can be done individually, though completing the entire programme is advisable for the full effects 🙂 A concession rate is also available, contact Shirley for more information. Early booking is advised as places are limited. Contact to book. Visit for further information.

More About Shirley Graham

Shirley Graham PhD, is passionate about her work, facilitating workshops that support women and girls to step into their creativity and power, take on leadership roles, and make positive change in the world. After working in the corporate sector in London for many years she re-trained as a researcher and academic and completed an MA and PhD in International Relations & Women’s Rights with the specific goal of making a difference in women’s lives. As a social activist she co-ordinated the cross-border feminist peace project Hanna’s House bringing women together from across Ireland to discuss the legacy of the conflict on this island and its impact on women’s lives. She has written and directed three plays on women’s human rights. She is currently an independent consultant and a research fellow in Dublin City University. The Inspiring Woman programme sprung into life as a result of Shirley’s deep immersion in the women’s rights sector over the past 12 years.

Participant Feedback

  • ‘The programme connected me to my deepest calling, speaking out about environmental issues and becoming an eco-warrior, this will radically change the future direction of my career’.
  • ‘As a business woman I had disconnected from my NCAD art background, the programme put me back in touch with my inner artist and since then I am not only drawing again but I have launched a start-up company promoting artists’ work’.
  • ‘As an educator I love the way Shirley combines different learning modalities and creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere with the group.’
  • ‘Inspiring Woman has re-ignited my passion for singing to such an extent that after performing at a party recently I was invited to record a CD!’
  • ‘I have decided to make the journey of a lifetime and raise money for earthquake victims in Nepal, I will be trekking the Himalayas and keeping a photo-diary for an exhibition on my return’.
  • ‘I had outgrown my job but felt settled and was unsure about my next step. With Shirley’s encouragement I reached out and am starting my dream job in October!’

More About the Course Modules

Authentic Woman, Be Seen: The first module is designed to create an opportunity for you to look at yourself through a new lens as a kind and curious friend. A time to reflect, play and laugh, to be seen as who you truly are by yourself and by others. It will be an opportunity to spend time exploring your talents, gifts and skills and reconnecting with what brings you alive, makes your eyes sparkle and excites you about life. You will leave this workshop feeling inspired to show up in the world as you have never shown up before.

Courageous Woman, Be Heard: As women we often express a deep frustration at feeling silenced and uncomfortable talking out about the issues that really matter to us. This module will provide a safe space for you to be heard and to feel empowered by un-apologetically sharing your knowledge, perspectives and ideas. By calling forth your own unique way of expressing what you are passionate about, this workshop will help you to explore your talent for storytelling; whether it is through spoken word, poetry, song, art, photography, dance or music. All the while there will be opportunities to connect with others, have lots of fun, and experiment with how you want your message to be heard.

Inspiring Woman, Make a Difference: This module is designed to create a space for you to access the highest vision for your life and to explore your unique contribution and legacy. As personal and social transformation go hand and hand Inspiring Woman will build on the Authentic and Courageous Woman modules by clarifying your life purpose and envisioning the personal, professional, and social projects you are passionate about. This workshop will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to kick-start your dream project and magnetize the resources that will support you. You will take away an Inspiring Woman Toolkit reminding you of the tools and processes we have used throughout the programme along with methods and approaches to actualising your dream projects.


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