Be Money Smart With Emma Flaherty The MoneyGirl

“Long gone are the days of the male breadwinner. It’s about time we break down the taboo around women and money.” – Emma Flaherty, the MoneyGirl.

Emma Flaherty

Ah, money. It’s one of those things that we never seem to have enough of. We’ve all had to chase bills, make ends meet, or had a mad blow-out and been broke a day later. Luckily, we have a money guru in our midst. So we asked GirlCrew London member, Emma Flaherty aka the MoneyGirl about what it takes to be fiscally savvy.

Thankfully for those of us who have ever lived on beans, Emma had so much advice to give that we’ve decided to create a money-related series. Over the next few weeks Emma will be giving her expertise on a range of topics. From to start to budgeting, to how to save for a house, your money questions are covered. For now, let us introduce the woman of the hour, and find out the best piece of advice she ever got on being better with money.

Meet the Emma Flaherty aka MoneyGirl

“I founded MoneyGirl after feeling underwhelmed by the amount of financial literacy available to young women at a time when we need it the most. As I hoped, but never expected, it has now grown into a network of savvy, high achieving young women who want to learn more about financial independence.

Having grown up in East London and going on to become Co-Lead of a Women’s Network at one of the biggest Professional Services firms. I’ve been lucky enough to meet women from a wide range of backgrounds and financial situations. I want to share some of these experiences through blogging, workshops and events to help shape informed decisions amongst our future pipeline of go-getters. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘The Summer Events Series’.

Be Money Smart With The MoneyGirl

In 2016, MoneyGirl became a Social Enterprise. I have set an ambitious yet imperative target to make financial education accessible to all young women in the UK from a low socio-economic background. Every girl deserves to know how to create the best life for herself and financially support her own aspirations. Which is why as of 2017, MoneyGirl will be delivering workshops to young girls aged 16-18 across some of the most deprived and underestimated areas of London.

Long gone are the days of the male breadwinner. It’s about time we break down the taboo around women and money. And when I say we, I mean all of us millennial women who are not going to accept an average lifestyle. Understanding your finances doesn’t have to be difficult – have a read of my blog posts for straight-talking money management articles. Which seek to demystify the world of finance. Let’s get talking and supporting all GirlCrew members to rule their finances.”

Since GirlCrew is all about support, and making things easy, we figured we’d give Emma an easy question to start things off.

Q. So, Emma, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about being more money savvy?

A. Pay yourself first. You’re just as important as your bills. Get into good habits by paying yourself every pay day before you give any money over for bills, clothes, food. If you have money left over after paying yourself, and bills, then go as crazy as you like with the rest of it.

Massive thanks to Emma from all of us for giving us her insights. If you enjoyed this, check out her top tips for starting a budget, setting up an emergency fund, and investing for beginners

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