Ask & Offer Guidelines

Ask & Offer Initiative Guidelines for Use 

You can post an #Ask or an #Offer at anytime on the GirlCrew app. If you wish to make an Offer that doesn’t expire/is recurring, you can also add it via this form. If the team sees a post that connects to this, we’ll reach out to ask if you’d like to be put in touch. 

  1. Please respect people’s asks and be compassionate. If you have nothing to offer in response, or nothing supportive to say, please don’t say anything.
  2. You can make an anonymous #Ask/#Offer by sending your post in a Msg to GirlCrew HQ on the GirlCrew app.
  3. Whenever it is comfortable to do so, consider including some context for your#Ask/#Offer. Eg. I am looking for €20 for a babysitter for 2 hours during the week so I can go to a job interview. This can be done anonymously as mentioned in Guideline 2.
  4. If you see an issue with an #Ask or#Offer, please report it using the ‘Other’ category and you can add a reason why you see issue with it. The GirlCrew team take all reports seriously. You can also make reports by emailing
  5. You may only make Asks/Offer for things that are legal.
  6. Please report anything illegal or dangerous to your relevant local authorities as well as to
  7. Legal and medical advice is not permitted on the GirlCrew app, but you may post an #Ask for free/low-cost professional services like these from a member which is then carried out in the appropriate context. (I.e. visiting their general practice or legal offices with a fee waived/discounted.)
  8. Advertising/promotion of businesses is not permitted as part of #Asks/#Offers. If you wish to get more customers/advertising, make an#Ask about how best to do this, instead of posting an ad.
  9. Promotion of external fundraising initiatives, including personal ones and registered charities, be they events or crowdfunding pages, may not be posted as an#Ask/#Offer but you can email to let us know about it in case there is a way we can support it.
  10. Evidence of persistent abuse of#Asks/#Offers by a member can result in suspension or banning from the GirlCrew app.
  11. GirlCrew does not take responsibility for#Asks or#Offers made, or what happens between parties offline or off the GirlCrew platform. Members are responsible for their own decisions and actions arising from this initiative.
  12. These guidelines are subject to change and review at GirlCrew’s discretion.