Ask the Expert: How to Make Money as a Blogger

Ever wondered how bloggers make money? We spoke with renowned travel blogger, Janet Newenham, how she’s made a career travelling as Journalist on the Run. This video was hosted live by Janet during her travels, so is a little grainy in parts.

Lesson 1: Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re going to make a career from writing, then start writing. Whether it’s small posts, or longer articles get to know your style. There are loads of content creators and writers out there, so think about how you’re going to stand out. It’s also good to read a lot, this is a great way to expand your vocabulary and to find trips and tricks to incorporate into your own pieces.

Lesson 2: Learn SEO

This is a top tip from Janet. If you Google “Things to Do in Ireland” you’ll see Janet’s blog dominating the top results. For her, she finds that SEO is her biggest driver of traffic so it’s important to stay on top of changes.

Lesson 3: Get Creative

Humans are visual creatures. We want to see something that is inviting, as well as informative. If you really want to build your following, then up your visuals. Invest in a decent camera, or drone, if you have the resources. If not, try editing apps such as VSCO to create an aesthetic that is true to you.

Lesson 4: Passive Income

When you’re thinking about how to make money as a blogger, passive income can be vital. Unlike other forms, passive income is sources that just tick away in the background with little additional work on your part. This could be from affiliate schemes, advertising, ebooks, or courses. When it comes to maximising this type of income, make sure it fits with your offering and is presented in a way that adds value. It’s also worthwhile being transparent about affiliate schemes. Check out sites like Mediavine to help you on your way.

Lesson 5: Share Your Content

Once you’ve gotten your pieces crafted, it’s time to think about distribution. Take the time to create content funnel that works for you. From the usual social media suspects (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), think about outliers too. Pinterest is a great site for driving blog traffic, but you can also share content on Medium. You can find a whole host of others here. Whatever you do, make sure your content is easily shareable. Adding plugins and social buttons is a great way to do this. There are whole host of companies out there searching for shareable content too. Janet suggests checking out Jukin Media.

There you have it, five lessons that will teach you how to make money as a blogger. If you’re dipping your toe into this, and have some top tips, we’d love to hear them. Pop your best tip for blogging in the comments.

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