Ask the Expert: How to Get Started With This Fitness Thing

New Year, new me? Oh, wait it’s February and I’m still sitting on the couch eating crisps. How do you start this whole fitness thing? We recently met down with Martina Dunne of Fit Mná to talk about getting yourself motivated when it comes to exercise. Check out the video here or watch it below.

Martina’s focus is on fitness and weight loss as well as pre- and post-natal fitness. She specialises in one-on-one personal training, group personal training and corporate wellness programmes. Whether you are interested in general health and fitness, dealing with stress management or achieving body shaping results, Martina can design a programme for you. She is a personable and a natural communicator who keeps her clients motivated through reminders, education, food and fitness journals.

Getting started

56% of us ( well those of you who took part in our Facebook Instagram poll ) don’t attend the gym at all, while 37%  find the gym intimidating. Thats understandable. Walking into a gym and using equipment that you aren’t 100% sure on how to use correctly, feeling embarrassed that you aren’t fit enough to be in the gym, can be a bit of a nightmare and put you off altogether. That’s why starting at home can be a great alternative. There are lots of videos on youtube about home fitness and simple things you can do to get you motivated. Here is one about doing triceps using a chair.

Trainer Knows Best

OK great. So we’ve joined the gym, are all excited and motivated about getting in there and getting our sweat on, but we’ve no idea on how anything works. To avoid this situation and possible injury, a personal trainer can help you stay focused and can help you maintain whatever goals you want to work on. This might seem like it’s going to be a huge expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to shop around, to find the right fit for you.

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Take Time To Recover

If you’re plugging away but you’re not seeing much difference Martina says look at your recovery. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you managing your stress well? These are factors that can impact on your progress. If you’re doing well in these areas maybe think about switching up your programme to make sure it suits your needs. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion during a workout. Keep the levels of progress up, but going beyond your breaking point will hinder recovery. Also be sure to include some stretching and a warm-down. This will help your muscles to stay loose and minimise any aches. And finally, don’t forget your nutrition. Eating potassium rich foods can help post-workout.

Find out more about Martina on her Facebook and Instagram.

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