Around the World in 40 Days: New Friends & New Fun in Philadelphia

making friends as an adult in Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

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Making new Friends in Philadelphia


As the fifth-most populous city in the USA, Philadelphia has a lot to offer, however, sometimes we just don’t have people around us to go exploring with. Life often gets in the way, social circles dwindle, people get busy, and events seem like they can just pass you by. As an adult there are very few avenues for making new friends, sure you could join a sports team or take up a hobby, but where do you even start? Besides, people are eclectic creatures with a wide variety of tastes and hectic schedules mean that there isn’t always left at the end of the day to chase a ball around a field. For women the world over, there is now a very simply solution and you’ve just found it. GirlCrew is the online platform for women to come together to chat, share advice and local knowledge, but most importantly, it’s also about getting out there and having fun. Run through a series of location based groups this network is taking the world by storm and you are just a couple of clicks away from joining the crew. The groups are open to all women over 25, with no upper age limit and there are always new members joining. Join the Philadelphia group here or check out our other city groups if that’s not where you’re based. With that sorted, you’ll now have plenty of new friends to go check out this great city with, so here are some of our top pick of what to see and do in Philly!


Silk City diner bar and lounge

Brunch is GirlCrew favourite, so a place that serves it everyday has to be included on the list – so our first pick is Silk City. ‘Silk City can be described as a diner/restaurant/bar/beer garden/nightclub hybrid — the kind where you can get beer (or mojitos) and a burger, then spend the rest of the night dancing to your favourite guilty pleasure tracks from the 90’s. With a quirky outdoor garden for BBQ’s during the summer, as well as an indoor lounge for DJ’s and live acts, it’s the ideal spot get a gang together for some weekend fun.

North Bowl bowling alley

This is a bowling alley straight from the fifties and reminiscent of the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’. It includes a café for food, two full size bars, pool tables, arcade games and an upstairs lounge that caters for private parties. For those who like to get a bit more competitive they also host a bowling league, while if you fancy being the GirlCrew Kingpin you can also hire the space for private parties. Once you are done knocking down pins, retire upstairs to grab a bite to eat and have a few laughs over arcade games.

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a non-profit organization, folk art environment, and gallery space. To date, it is the largest work created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. It includes indoor galleries and a large outdoor labyrinth. The mosaics are made up of everything from kitchen tiles to bike wheels, Latin-American art to china plates. Covering an indoor and outdoor space equivalent to half a city block, the gardens glisten with creativity, urban renaissance and a hint of madness. This place is perfect for kids too.


No trip is complete without stopping at some local heroes in the food world, and Philadelphia has lots to offer in terms of food.  Famed for the cheesesteak hoagie, and soft pretzels, we wouldn’t even like to take a stab at which is best so we’ll leave the taste testing up to you on that front. One cuisine we can all agree on however, is Mexican, and in this arena one restaurant is definitely worth a mention. Lolita is a Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican street food and is also BYOB. They are also famous for their salted caramel budino pops. Ice creams with salted caramel, butterscotch pudding, cookie crumbs and hand dipped in dark chocolate. For those of you in the the City of Brotherly Love it’s a must, for those of us who are a little further afield pop it on the bucket list. *books flights immediately*


Now that we’ve given you our top picks, there’s nothing stopping you from joining the crew and setting up your first event. There’s so much to see, do, and eat, here it was almost an impossible task but perhaps our picks are a good starting point for you trek around the city.

Join GirlCrew Philadelphia (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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