Around the World in 40 Days: Making New Friends in Sunny Sydney

make New Friends in Sydney

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Making Friends & New Memories in Sydney

Even if you’re a confident, awesome adult woman, it can be hard to make a new friends. Think we’re just saying that to try and make you feel better? Nope. It’s such a common problem that there are new ladies joining GirlCrew groups in cities all over the world every single day to find some people to head to a gig with, check out a new restaurant or just see who’s up for drinks after work this evening.

So you are literally not alone. Not anymore. As we write this there’s already over 700 girls in Sydney having the lols right now 😉 Click here if you’re done reading and want to go straight to your group.

Have you ever messaged everyone you know to make weekend plans but everyone was busy already? As we grow up, we all naturally get busier with careers, family commitments and annoying, zero fun stuff like laundry. (I secretly really enjoy doing laundry but that’s not the point.) The problem for most GirlCrew members isn’t that they don’t have any friends, it’s that no one is free at the same time anymore.

GirlCrew solves this really simply because you get to just jump into a cool group of women in the same boat as you are anytime you want to. All you have to do is post what you’d like to do, wait for the responses to come in and head along to your first GirlCrew get together. It’s easy enough to make friends when you’re travelling or on holidays, thanks to GirlCrew, it’s now as easy to make friends that way in your hometown too. What’s extra cool about it is you end up finding out about great stuff going on in your city that you never might have known about otherwise.

We also see heaps of members connecting and forming friendships because they have something in common – be that an interest or something they’re struggling with, that their current friends and family either have no interest in or just have never been through. That’s been really special to see. The groups are open to women over 25, with no upper age limit. Check out our other city groups if you’re not based in Sydney.

Join GirlCrew Sydney (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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